A story that starts over again with every new day.


  1. 1870

    It all began in a paint shop in Turin. Cesare Ferrino has a revolutionary idea: waterproofing fabrics. These fabrics are an immediate success throughout Italy.
  2. 1890

    From fabrics to production, the first tents are supplied to explorers and mountaineers, but the company also boasts the newly founded Fiat company among its clients: legend has it that senator Giovanni Agnelli walked out of the Ferrino workshop with a soft-top car hood under his arm.
  3. 1910

    This was the era of legendary mountaineering. Technology and research helped Ferrino become an essential part of these great enterprises. Ferrino develops the Cervino tent: its first mass-produced product.
  4. 1937

    Ferrino’s Neghelli tent becomes part of a legend: Alberto Maria De Agostini, a missionary and explorer, raises it in the inhospitable lands of Tierra del Fuego.
  5. 1940

    Ferrino technology breaks new records. The Alpina tent is developed: thanks to its external Triplex canopy, it is capable of resisting even the strongest winds.
  6. 1960

    A new cultural trend appears: outdoor living, “on the road.” Ferrino is the natural benchmark for a whole new generation.
  7. 1973

    Still working alongside pioneers, Ferrino develops the isothermal Afghan tent, weighing only 7.4 kg. Over the next few years, Trekking – a dome-shaped tent – is designed following the study of geodesic domes.
  8. 1984

    A longstanding partnership – which produces a wealth of designs and innovative solutions – begins between Ferrino and Reinhold Messner. This results in a number of historic endeavors, including the two ascents of Gasherbrum and the ascent of Lhotse at 8,000 meters. Great explorers and Ferrino: a formula that has always produced ground-breaking results.
  9. 1994

    HighLab is set up at the Quintino Sella mountain refuge on Monte Rosa, at 3585 meters: a permanent high altitude laboratory set up to test new materials and prototypes.
    This is a crucial location for testing all materials in different conditions, especially the most extreme.
  10. 1997

    Borge Ousland crosses the Antarctic on skis: 2,854 km. Ferrino’s ULTIMA tent helps him survive in this white-coloured hell.
  11. 1998

    Carla Perrotti manages to survive for 24 days in the Taklimakan Desert, China, thanks to Ferrino’s ULTIMA tent, the outcome of a longstanding partnership between this documentary film-maker and the company.
  12. 2000

    Ferrino and the La Venta team carry out an extensive joint research program in the remotest parts of the Earth: from Iceland’s glaciers to the Alps, from Patagonia to the Antarctic.
  13. 2002

    Ferrino designs its M.L.H. Evolution tent for Mike Horn, testing it in the Mercedes wind tunnel. Mike uses it on his solo crossing of the Antarctic: 20,000 km in 20 months, with temperatures between -15º and -70º centigrade.
  14. 2004

    This year sees the repetition of the legendary K2 expedition, 50 years on. When Silvio Mondinelli exclaims “We’re at the summit!” Ferrino is with him and with the entire expedition in its role as technical sponsor.
  15. 2006

    Cueva de los cristales, Mexico: Ferrino participates in the Naica Project with the La Venta team, involving three years of exploration in an environment considered “impossible” due to its high temperatures and humidity. It does this with Tolomea, a suit that allows the wearer to survive 80 minutes in places where people cannot last more than a few minutes.
  16. 2007

    Ferrino is by Silvio “Gnaro” Mondinelli’s side when he conquers the Broad Peak summit, the second Italian to do so after Messner: 14 eight-thousanders without supplementary oxygen.  
    That same year sees the creation of the HighLab Pro Team, made up of the best professional mountaineers, Alpine guides, and Alpine rescue instructors.
  17. 2008

    Ferrino acquires the longstanding Baldas brand, synonymous with quality snowshoes.
  18. 2009

    Tolomea – the suit capable of withstanding the hell that is the “cave of giant crystals” – is developed thanks to the experience and experiments carried out in the Highlab laboratory. Ferrino expands into technical clothing with the development of the first men’s/women’s HighLab sportswear collection.
  19. 2010

    Ferrino’s 140th anniversary and an historic date for the company, that shares every new achievement on multi-channel media. Its logo is redesigned: minimal, impressive, original, and – most of all – in keeping with brand values.
  20. 2012

    Ferrino celebrates the 20th anniversary of La Venta, the speleological society that successfully tackled “impossible” feats in the most hostile environments on the planet. This unique experience contributes to developing Ferrino designs and products.