Michele Evangelisti

Michele Evangelisti

Date of birth: 25/07/1980
Nickname: “MAIK”
Country: Italy

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I started with competitive sport when I was 5 years old. Karate immediately became a stimulus for rules imposing, but if you love what you do, you do not feel deeply sacrifice, but just want to get on with growing determination. After years of Rugby, where I experienced team sport, where the goal is reached only with the commonality of purpose, comes the passion, inherited from parents and grandfather, for rowing boats. And ‘love at first stroke! ..more than 10 years passed between the lakes, rivers and sea, including three years as a professional trying to reach the Olympic dream but remains in the drawer, not because of commitment or lack of capacity but for a family affair that forced me to leave Sabaudia to return to my parents, to support them and help them .. sometimes it seems that life takes something away, but if there is no will and ambition turns and often find themselves even more exciting sports fields. So, unable to sit still own, I’ve started to run, to prove to me in speed and endurance. Initially I run only 5 km, then 10, then 21, 42 and 50. But kms at the end seem never enough and it’s time to compete with the 100 km, twice in National team, the World Cup 2011 in Holland and Winshoten Europeans 2013 Belves in France .. but the challenges are not over, it is the turn of “maxi hamster” as I call it, 24h .. But running I discover the real Love that now is another .. the Ultra Trail, in all its forms, from long trips one or more days, in solitary crossings like Ireland from west to east last year .. A in July 2015 the biggest challenge, the Alpe Adria Trail 735,5km / 35750D + / 142H4 ‘, and Record! In a dispassionate and unconditional love for endurance sports such as mountain biking and skiing (both Alpine and Nordic ..) but in its most ultra forms! ..then also trek, SUP, paddle crossings .. I’m a tester for clothing and shoes’ brands, I lead a program on a web radio of Turin, RadioRun, with the Laboratory Trail program, while the longest running collaboration is with Soul Running.. Alwaysin 2015 I’m challenging with the “home” mountains: the Tor Des Geants for Team Ferrino. Unfortunately, the race is suspended for me at the 217km to the limit weather conditions. My character is emphasized by the accent of Livorno and the ever-increasing desire to joke and laugh toscanacci Doc! ..I Am always available to give advice to anyone who needs it but also to listen, trying to improve ourselves! ..I Am healthy carrier of trail!


My motto is “where can I get there?” .. I came to the conclusion that it all depends on my head, as well as from my athletic training, and I just can not be stopped. The ultratrail is not for me simply sporting experience, but a philosophy of life, my way of life, and is reflected in everything I do. My being Outdoor athlete does not stop at competitions or at crossings, but permeates every area of ​​my life. I firmly believe in what I do and every challenge I live with all my might, to 360 °, always raising a bit ‘the level of difficulty, to figure out how far I can push myself. I will not settle, I know my body, and through careful self-discipline, I know what to ask. Each trip, from the simple “Sundat-hike”, to Challenge or a record to achieve, I have to live it with intensity. What fascinates me and I try to convey is the discovery of new paths, inaccessible and unexplored, but what makes it even more special is my passion, is the constant desire to find out, in addition to new paths, even new people and cultures . What makes the difference, in my business, is the pursuit of human contact, continuous hunger for knowledge, the perennial ambition to know more. Through the eating habits of the people, the customs, the link with the tradition and the territory I try to give a different value to my explorations. Each land produces what men need and I love discovering, especially in places far from globalization, as the man was able to cope with the difficulties creating resources. Every face, every story, creates a bond between me and the world I inhabit. My ambitions, in general, are directional to prove to me in ever more extreme races, go, even in the territory closest to me, wild and unexplored places, push me over my limit. I always take care of the smallest detail because, being in constant contact with nature, and we know that this, as well as atmospheric phenomena, can not be dominated, no surprise ofr me! A sudden change of air, a sudden change of course, should never be for me the noise pattern. “There is no good or bad time, but only good or bad equipment” said the founder of Scouting, Lord B.P. childbirth and in fact prepared, always! Specifically, one of the challenges I have set, is the crossing, coast to coast of Australia, from west to east .. My Dream!


I want to be an Outdoor athlete, in every facet of my life. My personal challenge is not directed only to the competition with other individuals, such as the onset of my sporting life, but above all to achieve personal bests ever more ambitious and increasingly difficult. I want to see how far I can push myself, what can I still ask myself. In outdoor I found my philosophy of life, I am an animal who has to live in the open air, which does not tolerate constraints and cages and I could not see my activities closed at the gym. I need to oxygenate my life, pungent air of the mountain, the hum of nature, the smell of the forest, the salt on the skin, accompanied by fatigue, as fundamental to the achievement of its purposes. Nothing is obtained without commitment and the higher the limit, the result will be more tasty. Whether it’s hot or cold, that my shoes trample sand, rock, soil, snow, ice, and sometimes bitumen, my world is always out there… And as my grandmother said to me to describe me “the water bathe you and the wind will dry you”. I try to apply my being outdoors to everyday life, respecting the environment even in “normal” life. To move in the home commute use my legs, always, and when shifts are longer use means of low-polluting transportation impact. I feel citizen of the world, without roots, only with the constant thought of arriving FROM – TO … Every place is my home, if I can count on my determination, on good equipment and the desire to go and find out. This is why I am fascinated by people like the places, the stories and geographies of the people, the words of the simple people and the silence of nature.


Maratona di Venezia 88° classified
Maratona di Padova 62° classified
30 km San Gimignano Volterra 4°classified
EcoMaratona del Chianti 3°classified
Maratona di Milano 72° classified
Maratona di Pisa 5° classified
50 km Pistoia-Abetone 6° classified
Sky Race Alpi Apuane 8° classified
30 km San Gimignano Volterra 2°classified
EcoMaratona del Chianti 4°classified
Maratona di Firenze 48° classified
20 km + 42 km Trail della Merla 3°classified
50 km di Romagna 13°classified (1°Class. Campionato Italiano UISP)
Maratona di Pisa 14°classified
50 km Pistoia-Abetone 6° classified
EcoMaratona del Ventasso 8°classified
30 km San Gimignano Volterra 2°classified
ElbaMan Maratona 3° classified
EcoMaratona del Chianti 5° classified
100 km degli Etruschi 4° classified
58 km Strasimeno 5° classified
36 km Trail Eleonora per Vincere 11°classified
50 km di Romagna 8° classified (5°Class. Campionato Italiano FIDAL)
EcoMaratona dei Marsi 8° classified
100 km del Passatore 10° classified
50 km Pistoia-Abetone 5° classified
50 km UltraMaratona del Gran Sasso 1° classified
58 km Strasimeno 2° classified
Maratona di Verona 22° classified
50 km di Romagna 11° classified (1°Class. Campionato Italiano UISP)
Campionato del Mondo ed Europeo di 100km Winshoten-Olanda 44°classified
Maratona di Torino 42° classified, 2h34’37”.
Maratona di Vercelli 2° classified
50 km Pistoia-Abetone 10° classified
EcoMaratona di Alba (Cn) 2° classified
Maratona di Torino 35° classified
58 km Strasimeno 12° classified
Maratona di Martinsicuro 8° classified
Campionato d’Europeo di 100km Belves- Francia 45°classified
Doppia mezza maratona Make It Double (Cn) 1° classified
46km 2600D+ Valle Maira Sky Marathon 3°classified
ElbaMan Maratona 1° classified
Ultramaratona Città di Fano 24h -202,662 km 1° classified
EcoMaratona di Alba (Cn) 1° classified
Maratona di Torino Pace Maker delle 3h.
44km 2400D+ Ronda Ghibellina 6° classified 4h30’07”
26 febbraio GTE Gran Traversata Elbana 50km 3000 D+ in Autosufficienza 7h08’54”
6h di Torino 78,912 km 1° classified
24h di Torino 193,120 km 5° classified
71km 4000D+ Porte di Pietra 5° classified 8h26’19”
50Km 1700D+ BarbarescoBaroloTrail 2° classified exequo 4h05’56”
26Km 700D+ U.T.S.T.S. 3° classified 1h54’50”
54,2km 3818D+ 3Rifugi ValPellice 7° classified 7h26’06”
Ireland Crossing 400km/5500 D+ 6 days
21km 300D+ Mezza Moncenisio 4°class 1h25’32”
46km 3600D+ Ultraks Matterhorn 36°Class/6h21’19”
70km/2500D+/9h56’25” Molo di Viareggio – Pania della Croce – Molo di Viareggio
50km/2570D+ Trail del Moscato 1°Class 4h38’05”
45km/2400D+/7h10’ Pragelato-Colle Clapis-Valle Argentera-Sestriere-Pragelato
89km/6300D+ Ultra Trail Lago d’Orta 12°Class 13h38’
EcoMaratona di Alba (Cn) 2h50’26” 4°classified
Maratona di Torino Pace Maker delle 3h.

8.7km/600D+ Pragelato Race 3°Class 1h03’54”
Maratona di Roma (training) 2h54’40”
Campionato del Mondo e d’Europa OPEN – Torino 196,484km, 8°Class/105°Class
47km/2200D+ Balcon d’Azur (Francia) 4h54’21” 10°Class
1/2 maratona di Varenne 1h16’49” 13°Class
1/2 maratona delle Langhe 1h19’28” 3°Class
102km/5500D+ (+3km..) 100 Porte di Pietra 14h40’28” 10°Class
50km/1850D+ Barbaresco/Barolo 4h19’05” 3°Class
119km/5850D+ Lavaredo Ultra Trail 19h09’37” 145°Class
AlpeAdriaTrail 735km/35750D+/142h4’
52km/4000D+ UltraSky Marathon 10h28′ (training)
119km/7250D+ TDS 21h42’38” 116°class
330km/24000D+ Tor Des Geants – sospesa al km 217 – 209°Class
GarganoRunningWeek – (10km strada2°+34km trail5°+13km trail3°) 1°class al challenge
EcoMaratona di Alba (Cn) 3° classified


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