Turismo Responsabile

Ferrino is the first outdoor sports equipment manufacturer in Italy to have put into practice the values of Responsible Tourism.
It did this in 2006 with the T.RES project, designed to promote ethical travel that respects the environment and the customs of its inhabitants. A kind of tourism that represents the universal principles of fairness, sustainability, and tolerance.
Below are the ten golden rules that make every trip more complete, more civil, and more natural.

Responsible Tourism’s ten commandments

Here are the ten golden rules to follow if you want to travel as a Responsible Tourist: wherever you are, at whatever latitude, in whatever season.

  • #01
    Learn about the history, culture, and customs of your country of destination.
  • #02
    Tackle situations as they occur with flexibility.
  • #03
    Do not behave in a way considered to be offensive in the culture of the country you are visiting.
  • #04
    Ask permission before taking photographs or filming videos.
  • #05
    Avoid using disposable products, put trash in the appropriate containers, leave only your footprints wherever you go.
  • #06
    Don’t waste water or energy.
  • #07
    If possible, go on foot, or use a bicycle or public transport.
  • #08
    Help respect the planet’s ecosystem: do not use products made from endangered plants or animals.
  • #09
    Acquire local products to boost the economy of the country you are visiting.
  • #10
    Try to learn about daily life, learn a few words of the local language, don’t just visit tourist attractions.

Arno Peters: a world map that perfectly represents T.RES’s values.

Published in 1973, the world map produced by German cartographer Arno Peters faithfully represents the real size of different places in the world, overcoming the Europe-centric focus of Mercator’s map (1569) and its successive versions. It is a scientifically correct example of a fair relationship between north and south in the world, that should be followed far beyond the limits of geography.

Arno Peters Map


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