Ferrino presents its Safe Collection, the most complete range of avalanche safety backpacks on the market. The crowning achievement of the collection is the Full Safe 30, the world’s first backpack to incorporate both breathing apparatus and an airbag system.


Safe Collection is the result of an all-Italian research and development process that has involved Ferrino’s technical engineers and ambassadors, the Italian Alpine Rescue service, and the Mountain Medical Centre of Aosta.


Ferrino breath safe 25 full safe


The collection of Ferrino backpacks dedicated to freeride activities, available on sale from October 2015, includes three models, in different sizes and with different integrated equipment: 

BREATHE SAFE 25 BACKPACK with Air Safe breathing equipment + RECCO reflector
GLIDE SAFE 20 BACKPACK with Alpride Air Bag + RECCO reflector
FULL SAFE 30 BACKPACK with Alpride Air Bag + Air Safe breathing equipment + RECCO reflector

Design, development and field tests in a useful and interesting video by Ferrino: SAFE COLLECTION



Ferrino HighLab
Backpack with integrated Air Bag and Air Safe systems


The very first backpack on the market to integrate the main safety systems together: Air Safe, Air Bag and RECCO reflector.  Research and innovation in a single backpack, created by the technical staff at Ferrino, in conjunction with the Alpine Rescue Service and the Mountain Medical Centre, Valle d’Aosta.


full safe


AIR BAG ALPRIDE           
Together with the avalanche safety equipment (arva, shovel and probe), the Airbag increases the probability of survival in case of accident.
 ALPRIDE has led to the development of an Airbag that thanks to its rounded shape, offers maximum protection against upper body and head injury and excellent floating in an avalanche, as it prevents deep burial in the snow.

Pulling the handle will enable the airbag, releasing the gas from a cartridge that inflates the airbag in three seconds via an internal valve. 
Weighing just 1.2 kg, it is the lightest Airbag system currently available on the market.


full safe glide safe



Every airbag has 2 cartridges:           
– Cartridge filled with ARGON: this gas guarantees excellent inflation speed.
  It contains 15 litres of expanded gas with an internal pressure of 180 bars.           
– Cartridge filled with CO2: this gas guarantees optimum airbag expansion and volume.  It contains 30 litres of expanded gas with an internal pressure of 70 bars. It is the same cartridge used for motorbike airbags.    
It is the mixture of the two gases that guarantees an optimum inflation speed of 3 seconds.

Together with the safety kit (arva, shovel and probe), the AIRSAFE respirator increases the probability of survival in case of avalanche, making it possible to breathe when buried under the snow.

The anatomical mouthpiece with tooth grip drastically reduces the risk of it coming out during an avalanche.

The ultra-light, precision ball valves guarantee rapid, effective switchover for easy, natural breathing. 
As the wearer moves, the ball valves move with him or her to prevent freezing, down to tested temperatures of -40°C.    

How do they work?
As the wearer breathes in, the ball valve allows air to flow in from the area above the shoulder strap. 

When the wearer breathes out, the ball valve directs the CO2 so that it is expelled from the bottom part of the backpack.       


Full Safe 30 can be transported in the hold of aircraft because it conforms to IATA (International Air Transport Association) rules



WEIGHT MAX: 3,10 kg          
WEIGHT MIN: 1,90 kg (without airbag and canister 1,2 kg) 
WEIGHT MIN: 1,5 kg (without airsafe 400 g)
FABRICS: Double Nylon Cordura® • Diamond HD • DuPontTM Hypalon® reinforcements.           
CARRYING SYSTEM: Padded and quilted back and shoulder straps in breathable mesh fabric • Removable padded and ergonomic waist belt in breathable mesh fabric • Removable thigh strap for use on left or right side • Removable back panel • Load lifter • Aluminium safety buckle on waist belt, shoulder straps and chest straps.
POCKETS: Front probe / shovel holder • Internal safety pocket • Padded mask pocket • Small pocket on waist belt.           
ACCESSORIES: Front ski holder • Front compression straps / side strap for snowboard/ snowshoes • Ice axe holder • Compatible with h2bag hydration control system • Gear loops on waist belt • Emergency whistle • SOS instructions.