Even when fully loaded, a backpack must exert as little strain as possible on the spine. Therefore, it is important for a backpack to be adjusted according to the height and build of its wearer as well as for weights to be evenly distributed.
A properly balanced backpack will also make every type of movement much easier. Place heavy loads against the back and light loads (e.g. clothing) on the bottom. Use the compression straps to stabilise the loaded backpack.
Balance out the weights in the side pockets. Place more frequently used items in the top lid and/or side pockets.


Support structure

Optimum backpack form and profile are guaranteed in different load conditions. The support elements used (removable and shapeable aluminium bars and panels in polyethylene) are designed in relation to the size and use of the backpack.

Design and manufacture

To make the backs, Ferrino has used different types of design that offer excellent answers for different stress conditions while allowing air to be channelled along the back and away from contact areas.

* For washing and maintenance follow the instruction on product label.