Our mission is to provide high quality products for professionals and nature enthusiasts allowing them to live comfortably and safely new adventures and experiences.
”Ferrino’s history is that of all those who love the great outdoors and nature.”

Our values

  • Mutual respect;
  • reliability and commitment in carrying out all activities;
  • our trustworthiness in the work we do and that of our partners;
  • the constant effort for improvement and innovation

These are the founding values of our family business and allow us to offer nature enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the great outdoors using products designed and manufactured with the utmost care

Our way of doing business

Ferrino offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of its clients and support them in their outdoor activities.

2/3 intended for outdoor enthusiasts

Two-thirds of our products are intended for outdoor enthusiasts and are distributed in 1200 Italian sports stores and the same number in 40 foreign markets.

1/3 intended for government and humanitarian organizations

One-third is intended for the supply and equipping of government and humanitarian organizations that for years have been choosing us because we can offer them highly sophisticated equipment designed and tailored to their needs.
”Ferrino loves a pristine environment and all the feelings that come with it. For this reason, it believes in a sustainable business, capable of creating value while respecting and safeguarding the environment.”
Our sustainability strategy concerns all aspects of our business and is split into 4 main sectors: