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Ferrino Tor des Géants 2018 - en

Ferrino Tor des Géants 2018 - en

Ferrino Tor des Géants 2018 - en
Ferrino and Tor des Géants, a long adventure… who still continues.
In 2018 once again Ferrino will be with the Tor des Géants, one of the larger and demanding endurance trail in the world. Between the 9th and the 16th of September 2018, more than 700 competitors will run 330 km and 24.000 m of mountain drop in the middle of the Giants of the Alps: Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Matterhorn and Gran Paradiso.

The partnership between the Turin company and the Valdaosta race gets strength year by year and aims to support a such complicated and complex manifestation by the point of view of the logistic, in a very wide area. As a “tradition”, actually, Ferrino will make available for the organization a supply of tents, sleeping bags and camp beds for the athletes and volunteers and will contribute to the setting of some temporary bivouacs put in high altitude, essential shelter in the most unreachable and remotes places of the trail.

This year the meritorious “Ferrino Women Team” will repeat the challenge of running the Tor des Géants with the company of the Tuscan Cristian Caselli. All athletes with much experience using Ferrino’s goods and dress, specifically developed for the world of the trail running.

Extreme news for 2018 edition?
Besides the official Team Ferrino athletes, for this year there will be the exclusive chance to participate to the Tor des Geànts for 2 lucky Spanish runners who, thanks to the contest organized by Ferrino Spain, will gain two desired racing bib.
For more information about the contest you can visit and ask on the Facebook page @Ferrino Iberia.