ITALIAN OUTDOOR GROUP #outdooritalia - en

ITALIAN OUTDOOR GROUP #outdooritalia - en


Ferrino is taking part in the "Outdoor Italia" social campaign launched by the Italian Outdoor Group
The whole industry and all the workers in the outdoor tourism sector got together for a promotion project, aimed at giving new life to an economic system heavily penalized but with strong expectations coming from the recovery phase. That’s how the whole Italian outdoor industry, gathered in the IOG Italian Outdoor Group, is reacting to the effects of the crisis induced by COVID-19 which has forced to stay home millions of people for weeks, paralyzing the tourism sector linked to the environment.

 Ferrino is taking part in the social project of the IOG (Italian Outdoor Group) association. A promotion plan aimed at the industry and at all the workers in the outdoor tourism sector in order to revitalize an economic system heavily penalized, but with strong expectations of recovery. The communication campaign is involving single workers such as alpine guides, excursion guides, workers in the accommodation facilities linked to outdoor tourism or local groups engaged in the territorial promotion and activities in contact with the environment, such as the Alta Via Dolomiti Bellunesi and Rifugio Gilberti, a Ferrino partner.

 This initiative, welcomed with great enthusiasm, represents the right opportunity to give prominence and visibility to those forms of tourism attentive to the Planet, to the protection of the environment and dialogue between people from all over the world. A way of travelling that Ferrino has always supported and that, since 2006, has taken concrete form through the T.RES (Responsible Tourism) project with its ten rules for traveling responsibly:
  • 1 Gather info about the history, culture and customs of the destination country.
  • 2 Face every situations with spirit of adaptation.
  • 3 Avoid offensive behaviors towards the culture of the host country.
  • 4 Ask for permission before taking pictures or shooting videos.
  • 5 Avoid disposable products, put waste into the appropriate containers, leave only your fingerprints in place.
  • 6 Don't waste water and energy resources.
  • 7 If possible, move on foot or use bikes or means of transportation.
  • 8 Help to respect the eco-system of the planet: do not use products derived from endangered flora and fauna.
  • 9 Buy local products to promote the economy of the country that hosts you.
  • 10 Try to get to know the everyday life, learn a few words of the language, don't visit only the tourist spots.

Italian mountains are an invaluable heritage and the ideal territory where to live all the possible aspects of an outdoor experience. "We think that our real job is to promote this extraordinary heritage, making those workers who get their livelihood from this environment the real protagonists, helping them to become better known in Italy and worldwide, providing concrete help for getting back to the life and work they used to know before" said Luca Pedrotti, IOG president. That’s why we helped them through our contacts in the area, offering them the opportunity to realize videos or photo material, accompanied by some texts, to tell their way of living the outdoor. The messages, collected by the association, are disseminated through the IOG website and social channels, as well as through the communication channels of the associated companies.