• Gloves ATOM GLOVE - 55802D01JR
  • Gloves ATOM GLOVE - 55802D01JR

      COD. PRODUCT: 55802D01JR


      Atom is a stretch thermal liner in warm and breathable Outlast fabric. Ideal for wearing under a Ferrino glove in case of intense cold. Atom can also be worn alone as a lightweight glove for activities such as trail running or summer mountaineering.   The main characteristics of this glove are:
      • Stretch: for a perfect fit that won’t restrict movement
      • Breathable: to keep skin dry even in case of sweating
      • Thermal: excellently insulated fabric. Warm even if light weight and minimum bulk
      • Stretch wrist fastening


      Fabric with Outlast® Adaptive comfort technology: Outlast® technology uses phase-change materials (PCM) that are able to absorb, store and release heat in order to guarantee optimum moisture and temperature control.
      The principle behind Outlast® technology can be compared to that of an ice cube in a glass of water; when the cube melts (thus, changing its state from solid to liquid), it absorbs heat and cools the water so that it maintains its required temperature for longer. The phase-change materials of Outlast® work in the same way.

      Tech data:

      WEIGHT (Kg/g) 50 g
        • TREKKING
        • CAMPING
        • TRAVEL
        • EXPEDITION