• First Aid Line BACKPACK BREATHE SAFE 25 - 75592CCC
  • First Aid Line BACKPACK BREATHE SAFE 25 - 75592CCC
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    COD. PRODUCT: 75592CCC


    Breathe Safe 25 is the ideal backpack for freeride outings, ski mountaineering and snowboard mountaineering. This compact, versatile product aims to provide added safety for mountain sports enthusiasts and professionals.  Breathe Safe 25 is part of the Safe Collection Ferrino range, and is a backpack that integrates a functional structure with two safety technologies:
    • An Air Safe respirator, to help you breath in case of burial
    • A RECCO reflector, to boost chances of being traced in case of accident
    Breathe Safe 25 has been designed and developed with the support of the Mountain Medicine Clinic of Aosta and the Italian National Alpine Rescue Team. It is a backpack that boosts the chances of survival in case of avalanche, together with the obligatory self-help kit (avalanche beacon, shovel, probe).
    • backpack breathe safe 25


    • Fabrics: Double Nylon Cordura®, Diamond HD, and Reinforced Laminated Fabric reinforcements
    • Ergonomic, ultra-breathable back in mesh fabric, with “ACT”, double-density, shaped filling for excellent breathability
    • Ergonomic, padded shoulder straps in breathable mesh fabric
    • Removable padded, ergonomic waist belt in breathable mesh fabric
    • Front pocket for shovel and probe
    • 3 pocketsinside security pocket, padded mask pocket, and waist belt pocket
    • AirSafe respirator complete with  anatomical mouthpiece and tooth grip to reduce the risk of losing it during the avalanche
    • Respirator complete with antifreeze ball valve,, tested at a limit temperature of 40° below zero
    • RECCO reflector,  to boost chances of being traced in case of accident
    • Back supported by a polyethylene panel with internal stiffener, for better load breathability and carrying stability
    • Thigh harness suitable for left- or right-hand use
    • Side and front compression system
    • Additional removable gear straps on the front
    • Collapsible ski/ice axe holder loops
    • Gear loops on waist belt
    • Front ski holder
    • 2 ice axe holders
    • Chest strap with  integrated whistle
    • Aluminium safety buckle on waist belt, shoulder straps and chest strap
    • Compatible with the H2 bag hydration control system
    • SOS instructions
    • Certified according to EN 89/686/ECC standards

    Tech data:

    WEIGHT MIN (Kg/g) 1,25 kg
    WEIGHT MAX (Kg/g) 1,65 kg
    CAPACITY (l) 25 l
    55x30x23 cm
      • TREKKING
      • CAMPING
      • TRAVEL