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Sonia Sanchez Rodriguez

Sonia Sanchez Rodriguez

Name: Sonia Sanchez Rodriguez
Nationality: Spain
Nickname: Heidi
Date of birth: 21/08/1986

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32 years old, from Girona, Sonia has been practicing trail running for 8 years, although from childhood she loves sports and outdoor life.
She is a mountain lover, where she spends her free time and defines future goals.
Among the most significant races, we point out the Marathon of the Ardenya, with 3rd position in the senior category; Matroxots Ultratrail Rialp (4th ranked); the
Ultratrail del Bisaura (2nd overall position and 1st in the senior category).

Athlete of the Ferrino Women Team on the occasion of the competition launched by Ferrino Iberia, Noelia faces the Tor des Geants 2018


I like running in the mountains because it makes me feel capable of everything, alive, I can enjoy silence and nature. It's my time, I wear trail shoes and I enjoy myself. I am a crazy girl, happy with what I do and I feel lucky to live with passion what I love most: running in the mountains.

For me, Tor des Geants means outdoing myself, getting to know my body better and learning how to really manage my emotions.
In my wild adolescence, the mountain helped me a lot. Going out and get lost in the mountains gave me peace and at the same time an adrenaline rush, a slightly contradictory feeling, but real if you´ve experienced it.
A dream and a promise that I made to myself. Since I started running I told myself that I would never stop running without doing this race.
I think that for me, having finished this challenge will mark a milestone, that´s if I do it! 

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