Luisa Balsamo

Luisa Balsamo

Category: Running - Ferrino Women Team
Date of Birth: 12/01/1965
Nickname: Luisa
Country: Italy

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Born in 1965, Palermo, mother to Marta and Lorenzo, Luisa Balsamo was born to run. 

After a long series of marathons and half marathons (London Marathon, Prague, Florence, Venice, Reggio Emilia, Palermo and many more), for about 15 years, Luisa has chosen to run through nature in its most extreme forms: from the deserts of Morocco to Namibia and those in Chile, up to the peaks of Tor des Geants (summited 5 times) or the latitudes of Patagonia.

In 2015 she reached the women’s podium as winner (and fourth overall) in the  TransOmania race, 300 km of non-stop running in the desert.
In the same year and in the years after, she made excellent placings in the Tor Des Geants, where in 2017 she began running with the Ferrino Women Team.

In 2017 she got an excellent place - 6th out of the women - in the race "Racing the Planet" in Patagonia.

The “Desert Queen” - as she is known in racing circles - loves to “Run the time”, listening to what nature, her body and her own story have to say to her. 

No watch, no music in her ears.
“The desert is a marvellous world”, she says, “where time stands still: colours, silence, and warmth. Everything enters you and it all stays with you forever.”
Luisa Balsamo - Tor in Rosa Interview - September 2017

Luisa Balsamo - Tor in Rosa Interview - September 2017

Luisa is a member of Ferrino Women Team.
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