On the trail of the glaciers exhibition - es

On the trail of the glaciers exhibition - es

On the trail of the glaciers exhibition - es

On the trail of the glaciers
On 11 March, the National Mountain Museum in Turin (Italy) will see the opening of the scientific photography exhibition, promoted by Ferrino to mark its 150th anniversary.

The National Mountain Museum of Turin and Ferrino are pleased to announce the official opening of the exhibition On the Trail of the Glaciers” on Wednesday 11 March at 6 pm. A project that combines photographic records and scientific research by Fabiano Ventura, in which the two fields of enquiry analyse and identify the effects of climate changes on the ice masses over the last one hundred years.

Mountain photographer and brains behind the project, Ventura has retraced the steps of the first photographers and explorers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, together with a team of researchers. The aim of the experience was to create a series of photographs that portray the historical views from exactly the same geographical points and in the same periods of the year as those of the past. The visual comparisons drawn and the scientific measurements made on the field document the change andunstoppable melting of the glaciers.

At the National Mountain Museum, Fabiano Ventura presents a selection of images related to the six expeditions of the project On the Trail of the Glaciers”. A range of photographic comparisons and backstage images tell the story of the first five expeditions of the project, staged in the mountain ranges of Karakorum (2009), Caucasus (2011). Alaska (2013), the Andes (2016) and the Himalayas (2018).The exhibition will also preview a selection of views of the Lys glacier in the Monte Rosa mountain massif, captured in the summer of 2019. The exhibition is completed with a video installation entitled Following the path of time”, which enables visitors to interact with all the images, old and modern alike.  The exhibition is organised as part of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Ferrino, described by its CEO Anna Ferrino as a company deeply rooted in its territory. This is why we believed it was important to reinforce the historical partnership with the National Mountain Museum, offering museum visitors in Turin a chance to see a project that we have supported since it began, and that will end this summer with the Alps 2020 expedition”.

At the same time, the exhibition will be inauguration Heres theres a wonderful world. Contemporary views of the archives of the National Mountain Museum” will also open, staged as part of the Interreg-Alcotra iAlp project. At 5pm the website for interactively consulting the collections of the National Mountain Museum and the Musée Alpin of Chamonix will be presented.




Daniela Berta -National Mountain Museum

The National Mountain Museum is excited to welcome the project On the trail of the glaciers”. The initiative shares the same focus adopted by Ferrino on the changes that are affecting our mountains today and on the culture of the high lands, a sensitivity that brings the company closer to our institution, which is also about to turn 150 (2024). The exhibition slots into a pathway embarked upon in 2018 with the Post Water and Under Water exhibitions, and pursued in 2019 with Tree Time, which aimed to investigate the urgent environmental issues affecting the mountain now at the beginning of the 21st century. ‘On the trail of the glaciers’ moves in this same direction. We therefore hope that the exhibition can help to inspire a new ecology of thought about global issues that inevitably cross our reference context.”


Anna Ferrino - Ferrino CEO

There were many reasons behind our decision to support Fabiano Ventura in her ambitious project. The first is historical, because her project intersects with the pathway taken by our company and invites us to think about the importance of preserving the mountains that have accompanied this long history, enabling our testimonials equipped with Ferrino products to complete extraordinary challenges and to write essential pages in the history of alpinism and exploration. The second reason is our mission to spread information: as a company whose products target people who love spending their free time in nature, Ferrino finds it essential to commit to raising the community’s awareness about the importance of preserving the environment that surrounds us. This year the expedition will cross the Alps, flying the flag of values in which we firmly believe throughout Italy: I like to think that the Alps 2020 expedition will depart from right here in Turin, where our story began back in 1870, and from a symbolic location for the history of Italian alpinism, the National Mountain Museum”.

Fabiano Ventura - Ther Photographer

Fabiano is a landscape photographer specialised in environmental issues. Having participated in many 
scientific, photography and alpinism expeditions, in some of the wildest, most remote areas of the world, since 2007 she has been working on the project On the Trail of the Glaciers, which she conceived and directs. Over the years, her sensitivity to the ever increasing problem of climate change has led her to focus a large part of her activities on a single objective: raising awareness about this phenomenon among the general public to the greatest possible extent. With this in mind, accompanied by researchers and directors, she set off to photograph live the incredible transformations undergone by the biggest glaciers. In the world and is disseminating the results of her work by staging exhibitions, conferences and creating courses, installations and documentaries.


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Duca Degli Abruzzi” National Mountain Museum

CAI Torino • Piazzale Monte dei Cappuccini 7 • 10131 • Turin • Italy

From 11 March to 7 June 2020 From Tuesday to Sunday 10am-  6 pm