A-Live – the first backpack to use IoT technology, destined for S.S.U.E.M operatives (Emergency medical services in Italy).

A-Live was created in response to the needs of operatives in the emergency medical services, personnel operating in a constant state of alert, who need a range of equipment and medicines that is always perfect, well organised and within easy reach, inside a reliable, durable container.

Watch the video to see the functions

How it works

The compartments, pockets and zips on A-Live are controlled by sensors that allow it to be monitored, checking the opening and the presence of bags and the most important aids inside the backpack.

These sensors are connected to a mobile app that allows the operative to check the state of their equipment via cellphone, using a handy, concise checklist that is automatically updated as it detects the presence or lack of specific items, or the opening of pockets and compartments, providing a useful picture of contents and an updated history in real time.

The operative can also set the expiry dates for any medicines inside the backpack, which is useful for receiving notifications when these need to be replaced.

But that is not all: Ferrino has designed the very first intelligent medical backpack, able to adapt to the individual and different operating centres of those entities that will be using it and therefore, it will uniquely connect to its operating centre.

A-Live – Technical details and equipment

A-Live has a rechargeable battery with 24 hours of autonomy, and it is able to operate within a temperature range of -20 and +50 degrees Celsius.


It is a product designed to last over time, built in the most hard-wearing, efficient materials, i.e., Cordura as its main fabric and a rubberised fabric on the bottom of the backpack, together with high-vis inserts and an incorporated light to increase user safety.


The cutting-edge equipment on this backpack includes: interchangeable shoulder straps - an excellent technical solution for replacing those parts most subject to wear and tear; a tablet pocket; reinforced hoistable handle; multi-purpose daisy chain and a backpack cover for sanitisation operations. It is a complete means that can facilitate the work of operatives in all-round emergency situations.

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