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Along the CAI Sentiero Italia hiking trail with Va’ Sentiero

Along the CAI Sentiero Italia hiking trail with Va’ Sentiero

Along the CAI Sentiero Italia hiking trail with Va’ Sentiero
Ferrino is ready to get back on track with the young people of Va’ Sentiero, on a journey of discovery along the CAI Sentiero Italia hiking trail

Yuri Basilicò, Sara Furlanetto and Giacomo Riccobono, the young people who founded the Va’ Sentiero project, had intended to set off on the second leg of their journey along the Sentiero Italia – the 6000-kilometre hiking route that crosses the Alps, the Apennines and the larger islands in an ideal itinerary that embraces the whole of Italy - in the spring. But their plan was foiled by the Coronavirus pandemic which forced the whole nation into lockdown in that same period. Now, however, it’s time for them to lace up their boots, adjust their shoulder straps and get going.
“It’s a pleasure to continue accompanying these young people in this new leg of their journey” said Anna Ferrino, CEO. “As they set off to discover our country, relate and promote its beautiful landscape and the less well-known inland areas, never before has their hike taken on such a meaning of rebirth”.

Departing on 27 April 2019 from Trieste, the young people of Va’ Sentiero had crossed the Alps. The northern Apennine area and part of the central area, reaching Visso, at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, a trail 3,500 kilometres long that took 7 months to travel. And it will be from this same small centre in the province of Macerata that they will set off again next 30 August. This year they will tackle a trail of 80 days taking them across Marche, Abruzzo, Molise and Apulia. Territories with a grand naturalistic charm, and full of history, but unfortunately often not very well-known or developed. “For these place, the Sentiero Italia is a real opportunity” the young people tell us. 
Instead, they will tackle the last part of the long trail, spanning the southern part of the Apennine area and the islands, in 2021.

An expedition open to everyone
As for the first leg of the trail, in this second leg too those who want to can join Va’ Sentiero, to hike one, two or more stages together with the group. Doing so is simple: all you have to do is follow the project Facebook page to find out the group’s location and where and how to join them. A lovely way to discover Italy in good company

The philosophy
It’s not so much a sporting event as a social initiative, based on the idea of sharing: the story of an adventure, told through the network and the social networks, an experience that aims to offer a panoramic view of the Italian highlands: the landscapes, the faces, the traditions, the local delicacies, trades and dialects. Anyone can join the expedition for a short section of the route, so experiencing first-hand the centrality of the mountain and the importance of maintaining a sustainable approach to the environment.
A collective experience, with respect for the locations in which it takes place, designed to relaunch the priceless naturalistic and environmental heritage of our country: “with our journey, our main objective is to introduce the Sentiero Italia to our peers all over the world, and turn the spotlight on the highlands, an area full of amazing locations that are forgotten, depopulated and abandoned” said Yuri Basilicò, founder of Va’ Sentiero.

The equipment
Ferrino, as official partner, will supply the trekkers with the equipment necessary to tackle this long journey on the trail winding through the highlands.

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