Category: Running - Ferrino Women Team
Nationality: Russia
Date of birth: 23/05/1982

Maria Maltseva is a trail running athlete from Russia. Her life was closely connected with sport since childhood: she made a long way from beginner to professional athlete in gymnastics. Than she worked as a trainer in fitness industry. She started running only in 2013 when she moved to Bali. 

She is running the Tor des Geants' 30 km race (Passage au Malatra) in 2019 with the Ferrino Women Team. 

Some of her best results: 

- Adidas Sport-Marafon Trail 2019 - 57 Km, 1st place
- Golden Ring Ultra Trail 100 2019 - T30, 6th place
- Sport-Marafon Trail 2018 - 55 Km, 2nd place
- Nikola-Lenivets Winter Wild Trail 2019 - 10 Km, 2nd place