Ferrino for the Emergency - fr

Ferrino for the Emergency - fr

Ferrino for the Emergency - fr
The Italian company, that has always been alongside those who work in emergency situations, is currently engaged in the construction of field hospitals.

Ferrino is mainly known for Outdoor equipment designed for mountain and mountaineering enthusiasts, a companion of small and big adventures in every corner of the planet.
But through this press release we would like to show you a lesser-known part of our business, that we are particularly proud of, because it allows us to achieve a very important result: to support those who work in first line of the emergency services, helping to save lives, providing assistance and shelter to populations affected by disastrous events.


During its 150 years of activity, Ferrino has developed a great know-how in designing and producing tents and emergency products.

We usually collaborate with many national and international humanitarian organizations that use our products in emergency operations, from the Ministry of the Interior to the Italian
 Civil Protection, passing through some important United Nations agencies such as Unicef, Unhcr, World Food Program, up to to the Red Cross and some important NGOs like Medecins sans Frontieres and Save the Children just to name a few. But for all those who have the task of intervening in emergency and danger situations, it is essential to be able to count on reliable equipment.

We provide a catalog, but in most cases we prefer to realize ad hoc projects, which respond to the requests of those working in the field, scrupulously analyzing their needs, taking advantage of previous experiences, in a process that involves our technicians and designers as well as our client's team. This proven method, combined with a careful assistance and maintenance service, allows us to respond promptly to their challenges and to aim for continuous evolution, in order to win together the most important challenge: solidarity.


In this tragic pandemic phase all our efforts are therefore concentrated on this sector trying to respond quickly and promptly to the requests that arrive from the organizations involved in the emergency and on the internal production that is working on the packaging of tents that are currently used outside the hospitals to carry out a first screening on patients who arrive at the ER, in order for them to be channeled into the right flows before being admitted to the hospital.

In this moment of global emergency we are building a field hospital for the Cuneo’s ASL emergency unit that is normally used in international scenarios: 18 tents with protected connection paths, equipped with shade sheets and electrical systems, designed to reproduce an entire hospital: triage, waiting room, pre-operating and operating room, birth room, XR laboratory, morgue, as well as dormitories with internal rooms with beds, bathrooms and showers. The twin tent is currently operating in Mozambique.

We have recently carried out two important projects for Unicef. The new Staff Accommodation with fully equipped living and office module and the new Unicef ​​High Performance Tent, that we are particularly proud of, and which is the result of a long and demanding study and field test phase. From a stimulating co-design came out a new type of tent, created in 3 sizes of 24, 48 and 72 m2 that Unicef ​​will mainly use as a school tent, but also for other emergency uses, such as a hospital tent. The tent was designed and tested in the field to overcome some of the limitations of the existing models both from a functional point of view with great habitability and brightness, and from a climatic point of view with modular solutions suitable for hot, cold or particularly windy climates in any part of the world. It has also been optimized for ease of transport with the components divided into rigid units, including air transportable units, but the contents inside are stored in hand-operated bags for 2 people weighing up to 50 kg.

The whole project is documented in this video: