Matteo Della Bordella heads for Siula Grande


The collaboration between Ferrino Outdoor and its new ambassador Matteo Della Bordella shifts into high gear: in the coming weeks, an expedition with the High Mountain Military Section of the Army Sports Centre will try to blaze a new route up one of the most beautiful and difficult mountains in the Andes


Let the adventure begin! In the past few days, the famous “Spider” from Lecco, Matteo Della Bordella –recently welcomed into Ferrino Outdoor’s great family – set out for a new expedition: his goal is to open a new route on the huge East Face of Siula Grande, a 6,344-metre peak among the most fascinating and challenging in Peru’s Cordillera Huayhuash.

Matteo will attempt the feat together with Alessandro Zeni, Marco Majori, Filip Babicz and Stefano Cordaro, as part of the expedition organised by SMAM (Sezione Militare di Alta Montagna, i.e the High Mountain Military Section of the Italian Army Sports Centre).

Siula Grande is a legend for all mountaineering enthusiasts since the dramatic ascent of the West Face by British duo Joe Simpson and Simon Yates in 1985 – later recounted by Simpson himself in the best-seller book “Touching the Void”.

Della Bordella and his fellow climbers will tackle the opposite side of the mountain, attempting to trace their own route on the face that Matteo describes as “a beautiful rock shield, extremely steep and technically challenging. Definitely a difficult wall, with a problematic approach on the glacier and all the added trials of high-altitude climbing.”

This is not the first time Della Bordella, originally from Lombardy in Northern Italy, puts himself to the test on Siula Grande’s East Face. In 2017, he attempted the climb with Tito Arosio and the late Matteo Bernasconi, but the conditions of the mountain and objective danger stopped the three from completing their endeavour.

In this new extreme adventure, Della Bordella will count on some of the best equipment developed by Ferrino, including the Instinct 40+5 technical mountaineering backpack and the Blizzard 2 high-altitude tent, which are based on the innovative use of Dyneema, an extremely high-performance, resistant and ultra-light material.

“I can’t wait to start this new adventure,” Matteo concludes. “It will certainly be a great challenge that will test both me and the technical equipment my friends at Ferrino have provided. The goal of our collaboration is to test their backpacks and tents in the most extreme conditions possible – and this is definitely a great opportunity for that!"