Enrico Mosetti

Enrico Mosetti

Category: Freerider
Date of birth: 21/03/1989
Nickname: Mose
Country: Italia
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Skiing as an escape and as art, a synthesis of mountain aesthetics. With these words we can sum up the main characteristics of Enrico Mosetti, “Mose”.

Anyone born on the Gorizian banks of the Isonzo, has the Julian Alps in their blood and in their soul. It is here that Enrico, as a small child, put on his first pair of skis and understood, for the first time, that this was not a passion but a great love story that would continue and grow, from the great classics to the irresistible call of the extreme.  At just 17 years of age, like on a getaway, he descended Huda Palica, in the Julian Alps: the longest and perhaps the wildest, most elegant canyon in these mountains. Since then, his quest has continued, along increasingly extreme lines, linked together by a common thread. The aesthetics of the line and the ethics of executing it. In a certain sense he is taking up the manual of the great Mauro Rumez, going back to travel the great and much feared drop lines on the Julian Alps, such as the ultra-narrow “Comici” gulley at Forca Berdo and the super exposed north face on Granda Nabois, in the unmissable conditions of 2016, or west Canin.   But if the Julian Alps are home to Mose, research always leads him to look, with curiously at the Alps and others.  Thus, after repeating many of the great steep slope classics in the Central and Western Alps, in 2015, with a minimum amount of luggage but with very clear ideas.   Skiing the great peaks of Cordillera Blanca. In a month he brought home a prestigious descent double, and one he had wanted for quite some time. Artesonraju, S/E wall, and Tocclaraju, West wall, taking him into the small group of extreme skiing professionals. 

In 2016, he went to Pakistan to try skiing Laila Peak. The attempt was halted about one hundred metres from the top and struck by the tragic loss of  Leonardo Comelli, great friend and climbing partner, during the descent. In 2017, he was in Georgia and in the austral spring, he went to New Zealand for the first descent of the Caroline face on Aoraki/Mount Cook.  

But Mose isn’t just about extreme skiing. He has been an Alpine Guide since 2017, working in all seasons and on all terrains: rock, ice, cliff and also bike - around his home mountains and beyond. You see, he’s not just an insatiable white line hunter, he also never stops looking for new terrain for rock adventures, in summer as well as winter. Repeats of great classic climbs in the Julian and Carnic Alps and the Dolomites, together with nailing new cliffs in Istria and Bosnia, always on the lookout for unusual places and thrilling experiences, together with his band of climbing friends, inspired by an increasingly wandering, visionary mountaineering movement.

These are some of his best achievements:

Artesonraju (6025m), southeast wall 2015
Tocllaraju (6034m), direct west wall - first repeat 2015
Attempted descent Laila peak from approx. 6000 m (6096m) 2016
Aoraki/mount Cook (3724m), Caroline face - first descent 2017
Malte Brun (3199m) Zigzag route - first descent 2017
First descents in the Julian Alps
First ascents on ice and mixed routes in the Julian Alps


Being able to turn around and see the line I left in the pristine snow has always made me think I was able to do something well when I couldn’t do anything else”.