Il team Ferrino Women was founded in autumn 2017.

It brings together some of the best trail runners on the Italian and international panorama: 
Katia Figini, Alice Modigliani Fasoli, Scilla Tonetti, Luisa Balsamo.

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Origins: Ferrino Women Tor

Origins: Ferrino Women Tor

The Ferrino Women project was set up in September 2017, when the four Ferrino trail runners decided to tackle the Tor Des Geants together.
A complex, exhausting challenge that the four women decided to tackle together, in spite of their different athletic backgrounds, to announce the presence of an all-women team, one that could show what they could do and show off the “feminine side” of even the hardest enterprises, like the ultra trails and the Tor Des Geants...  
Women who run, but first and foremost, women.

Women who run, but first and foremost, women.

"With over 10% of the total competitors in the Tor Des Geants being women”, says Anna Ferrino “and an important number of women organisers and volunteers - more than half being women - our company decided to show off the women’s side of the event. 
Through the stories of our 4 competing athletes, we want to show the general public the human side and the motivation behind the women who tackle or approach such a hard trail race, where the percentage of women runners who complete the race is higher than for the total number of runners who finish the Tor".

And so, through the testimonies of Alice, Scilla, Katia, and Luisa, we discover the crucial elements to cross the finishing line of the world’s greatest ultra trail: constancy, patience, self-denial, and strength. 100% female talents.
The team’s future: racing on to new adventures!

The team’s future: racing on to new adventures!

After its baptism at the Tor Des Geants, the Ferrino Women project is putting down roots and getting ready to grow over the coming months and year.

Scilla, Alice, Katia will be competing together in a variety of trail races, as well as Tor Des Geants, and they will also be training at special sessions at Ferrino’ s base camp. 
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  • “Tor Des Geants is like a long travel and you lose yourself staring at the moon, when you run during the night”
    — Alice Modignani Fasoli
  • “Running is a vehicle ... There are my dreams out there and I want to go get them now”
    — Katia Figini
  • “<br />Running between women increases the adrenaline of the moment and it feels like a single body ...”
    — Luisa Balsamo
  • “I like running at night, when the mountains are silent and you can listen to the rhythm of your heart even better”
    — Scilla Tonetti