For technical reasons shipments will be suspended from 12/08 until 23/08. They will resume regularly on 26/08.

The products are the result of our work, passion, experience and cooperation. From prototyping to performance and quality tests, starting from the careful choice of raw materials and care in the packaging, we want to offer a durable and quality product while respecting the people who work in the company and at our suppliers and the environment. Finally, with the after-sales service we extend the product life, limiting its impact in term of disposal.

I prodotti sono il frutto del nostro lavoro, della nostra passione, esperienza e collaborazione. Dalla prototipazione ai test di performance e di qualità, partendo dalla attenta scelta delle materie prime e dalla cura nella confezione, vogliamo offrire un prodotto durevole e di qualità nel rispetto delle persone che lavorano nell’azienda e presso i nostri fornitori e dell’ambiente. Infine, con il servizio di after sales ne allunghiamo la vita, limitandone l’impatto nello smaltimento.

Our design approach

From design to industrialization we work to create safe and durable products, ensuring handiness, functionality and aesthetics in an increasingly sustainable way.
We believe in and rely on our internal R&D department. Our experienced team allows us to design and test the latest technologies and materials.
12% of employees work at the Research & Development department

Safe outdoor

Many mountain professionals come to us to design extremely high-tech products. These collaborations allow us to create heterogeneous work teams by combining our product development skills with the increasingly sophisticated needs of those who work in the field every day.
Our products are tested by professionals and mountain guides, but also by simple nature enthusiasts to ensure that we meet every need.

HighLab camps

Our products are tested by experienced mountain guides or outdoor professionals who help to offer maximum performance in perfect safety.
Moreover, thanks to the FERRINO HIGHLAB CHAMPIES, real laboratories “on the field”, Ferrino wishes to collect feedbacks on the products from all those who want to try free of charge our equipment and become a Ferrino tester for one day. By leaving their feedbacks, clients help to increasingly improve the company range and to reach our main objective: to design products that allow professional and non-professional users to live nature in full comfort and safety.
The Ferrino fields are located at 3585, 2640, 1850 and 1700 meters above sea level, in Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and Friuli-Venezia Giulia and are open to anyone who wants to participate in these workshops or is curious to try the experience of sleeping in a tent surrounded by nature, in total safety, with material provided free of charge.
We know how our clients are fond of their products and that is why we provide prompt support by offering a repair service for any Ferrino product, even out of warranty: because we like to think that a valuable product should never be thrown away