It all began in a paint shop in Turin.
Cesare Ferrino had the revolutionary idea of making fabrics waterproof. It was an immediate success, all over Italy.


From fabric to the first tents provided to explorers and climbers; but customers also included the newly founded Fiat and it is said that Senator Giovanni Agnelli left the Ferrino workshop with a “hood” under his arm.


A legendary period for mountaineering. Technology and research made Ferrino a key part of these great feats. The Cervino tent was born: Ferrino’s first mass-produced item.


The Neghelli tent became legend: missionary, geographer and explorer, Alberto Maria De Agostini took it on his expeditions to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.


Ferrino technology continued to break records. The birth of the alpine tent, with outer Triplex canopy, built to withstand all types of wind and extreme weather.


A new culture was born: outdoor living and life “on the road”. Ferrino became a point of reference for a whole generation.


Ferrino continued to work alongside pioneers with its isothermic Afghan tent weighing just 7.4 kg.

The following years would see Trekking, a dome tent designed after studying geodesic vaults.


Reinhold Messner became the first man to summit all of the Eight-Thousanders on the planet, with historic climbs such as Gasherbrun and Lhotse.

Ferrino was with Messner preparing these expeditions and supplying him with a state-of-the-art tent, as well as investing in research and development to become the first brand to have summited all 14 of the world’s highest peaks.

Great explorers and Ferrino: a formula that’s always going places.


High Lab was set up at the Quintino Sella Refuge on Monte Rosa. A permanent laboratory at an altitude of 3585 metres.

For testing new materials and prototypes. A tough testing ground for all materials and conditions of use, above all the most extreme ones.


Borge Ousland crossed the Antarctic on skis: 2854 km The Ultima tent helped him survive in this white inferno.


Carla Perrotti was able to survive for 24 days in the Chinese desert of Taklimakan, thanks to the Ultima tent, the result of a lengthy collaboration between the documentary maker and Ferrino.


Ferrino designed the M.L.H Evolution tent for Mike Horn, testing it in the wind tunnels at Mercedes.

Mike used it for the first time to on his solo crossing of the Antarctic: 20,000 km in 20 months in temperature of -15 to -70 degrees centigrade.


50 years on and the legendary expedition to K2 was back. When Silvio Mondinelli exclaimed “We’re at the summit!” Ferrino was with him and all of the expedition, as technical sponsor.


Cueva de los cristales, Mexico: Ferrino, together with La Venta, was part of the Naica project: three years of exploration in an atmosphere made “impossible” by its high temperatures and humidity. And it did so with Tolomea, a suit that allows the wearer to survive for 80 minutes where a human would otherwise last just a few minutes.

Ferrino was with Gnaro Mondinelli, the second Italian after Messner to summit all 14 Eight-Thousanders on the Planet, without using additional oxygen.

They year in which Gnaro reached the top of Broad Peak, completing his great feat, was the year in which High Lab Pro team was born: the best mountain professionals, alpine guides and mountain rescue instructors.

A team of professionals working alongside the company to test and improve products together with the HighLab technicians.


Ferrino bought the historic Baldas brand, a byword for quality snowshoes.

This brought the manufacture of 100% Made in Italy snowshoes in house.


The geographical and speleological explorers from the La Venta association, partners of Ferrino since 2000, explored the Naica cave in Mexico, a place where the average temperature is 48 °C, with humidity levels at almost 100%.

Ferrino supplied La Venta with Tolomea, the high-tech suit that is able to withstand the infernal conditions of the cave of giant crystals.

Following this undertaking, Ferrino entered the high-tech outdoor apparel market with its first collection of HighLab apparel for men and women.


Ferrino’s 140th anniversary. An historic event for the company that was now sharing every new conquest across a range of channels.

A brand new logo: minimalist, impressive, and original.

And above all, in line with the values of the brand.


Ferrino celebrated the first 20 years of La Venta, the association of geographical and speleological explorers which has achieved “impossible” feats in the most hostile locations on the planet.

An experience that played a part in the birth and development of Ferrino’s most prestigious designs and products.


Ferrino decided to create a range of clothing designed for climbing and bouldering, and above all, for young people.

Rock Slave was born thanks to the collaboration of climbing champion Marzio Nardi. A range of excellent quality products with cool, young, streetwear designs.


The arrival of Full Safe, the first backpack on the marketplace to combine the main safety systems in case of avalanche: AirSafe respirator, Air Bag, and RECCO reflector.

Research and innovation in a single backpack, designed for freeriding and winter mountaineering, thanks to the collaboration between Ferrino’s technical staff, the Mountain Medicine Clinic of Aosta and the Italian National Alpine Rescue Team.


With the success of the ascent of Communism Peak, our ambassador, Cala Cimenti, became the first Italian to take the “Snow Leopard” title, a prestigious award from the Russian Mountaineering Federation, reserved to climbers who have summited all five peaks of 7000 metres and above located in the former Soviet Union.