Repair and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance

Post Selling Service

At Ferrino we are convinced that the customer and the product are at the centre. Not only as separate entities, but also as a relationship, the emotional and practical one that develops between us and our backpack, tent, or tool that has faithfully accompanied us on various adventures. 

For this reason, the after-sales and repair service has always been in-house, maintaining direct contact with those who buy and use our products and providing advice for the maintenance and repair of products if damaged. 

We were awarded in 2015 as the best assistance and after-sales service in the Outdoor sector in Italy. Contact us to repair a product under warranty and out of warranty.



Is your product damaged?
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Customer Care Service

Ferrino has always been committed to taking care of its customers and is committed to assisting them from the moment of purchase, throughout the lifetime of the product.


In order to facilitate the dialogue with the customer, an online ticketing service is offered, where, by simply filling out a form, you can talk to the company to solve any problems regarding products under warranty and out of warranty.