Ferrino and products under Warranty

After-sales: the relationship between client and product at the centre

The Ferrino warranty lasts 2 years for any type of product, and 3 years for the entire High Lab line.

The warranty covers faults in materials or packaging, but does not cover damage resulting from incorrect use or maintenance of the products.

If a product under warranty is damaged or faulty, we will take care of the problem, looking for the best solution to solve it in the shortest time possible.

Where possible, we will use our in-house team of experts to carry out a repair. If this is not possible, we will replace the damaged product with a new one.

The strong emotional bond that binds customers with our products leads us to recommend repair solutions rather than replacement, always ensuring durability without affecting performance.

Product warranty claim

Ferrino has always been committed to taking care of its customers and is committed to assisting them from the moment of purchase, throughout the lifetime of the product.


In order to facilitate the dialogue with the customer, an online ticketing service is offered, where, by simply filling out a form, you can speak to the company to resolve any problems regarding products under warranty and out of warranty