Ferrino Women Tor
The Ferrino's women team tells us about the adventure experienced during Tor des Geants 2017.
Joy and pain, renunciation and goal, miles and thousands of meters of altitude, ups and downs, mud and rock, black of night and blue of day, moments and expectations, visions and eves, failures and new opportunities, inner richness and outer poverty, head and legs, strength and endurance, women and men.
How many aspects in the Ferrino team's words, which are the protagonists of Ferrino Women Tor 2017 project, an idea that has allowed to follow the athletes before, during and after making or trying to make possible what seems impossible.
Katia Figini, withdrawn at km 66, proposed the idea of the team based on a previous project and so born the collaboration between Ferrino's giants, athletes who knew each other, very close-knit, which have already competing together in various parts of the globe. High morale at the start for Katia and many very confused ideas following the withdraw: a difficult choice after having prepared for long and with great sacrifices, a missing piece in the mosaic of the project. But the challenge and the opportunity to run still remains and remain those nights where she has waked up to control the performance of the other team members, as a parent who is waiting for the children who have gone dancing.
Luisa Balsamo, 170th in the general ranking and 19th in the woman ranking (in 128 hours), sees in this new team the accomplishment of a life dream and a great stimulus during the race; according to Luisa women are more predisposed than men to face an important race like Tor des Geants 2017 and be part of a group is a source of additional energy.
Alice Modignani, 85th in the general ranking and 9th in the woman ranking (in 113 hours), after the pre-race preoccupation, confirms that women have bigger resistance capacities in comparison with men; a woman feels differently the distance and manages the energies better. In any case, Alice points that friendships borns along the 330km race will last forever and go beyond any difference.
Scilla Tonetti, 66th in the general ranking and 6th in the woman ranking (in 108 hours), has a sorrow: Tor is already over! A fantastic experience that makes you “gain weight”: beyond good food in the refreshment points, I came back full of emotions, positive thoughts, with fantastic landscapes in the head. It’s difficult to get out of the warmth of life bases, but then you look around and you have another sorrow: “why haven’t I done it before?”. At night, alone, no noises, focused on that small light, I realized that not doing this trip would be impossible to me. Also, it happens to confuse the shape of a tree for a person. Climbing up to Malatrà I seen pictures reflected on the mountain and during all of this I felt Alice's presence, I waited to hear her voice and this expectation gave me so much. Women react better to fatigue, we have fewer patterns of men, and when we train we become unreachables! "
The success of the collaboration between the athletes and Ferrino is summarized in Anna Ferrino's words: "We reached our goal! The symbiosis between the company and the girls who dressed in with our colors has made great results; I thank Katia, Luisa, Alice and Scilla for the emotions they have been able to offer, for having spent all their energies during Tor’s difficulties, and for having put Ferrino’s gear under tough tests in order to provide indispensable feedback to make our products more and more performant in any condition. Thank you girls for your participation!"
During these long days of Tor des Geants 2017, several video have been produced with the girls of Ferrino Team as protagonists.
Waiting for the final video report, please find below the images that tell the adventures of Scilla, Alice, Luisa and Katia.
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“A journey like this is impossible not to be done!” Masochism?!”
Tor des Geants in Scilla Tonetti' interview, 6th in woman ranking of #Tor17!
“I’m waiting forward for the evening, to spend the night in top of mountains with the stars and the moon... at the end of the week, however, hallucinations begin”
Tor des Geants in Alice Modignani' interview, 9th in woman ranking of #Tor17!
“Every Tor des Geants has its own book..."
Here Luisa Balsamo' interview, 4 times finisher of Tor!



"Tor is like a puzzle..." here the words of Katia Figini after her first experience on #Tor17 paths!



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