Gran Italian Trail project - en

Gran Italian Trail project - en

Gran Italian Trail project - en

Discovering Italy at a slow pace with Ferrino along the Sentiero Italia CAI


Two projects, one trail, the desire to discover Italy at a slow and sustainable pace. This is what we would like to tell you through the trekking proposals offered by “Va’ Sentiero" and "Linea 7000" projects that Ferrino has chosen to support for their cultural value as well as for their attention to the territory and to the environment, an issue very important to us.

Long more than 7000 kilometers, Sentiero Italia CAI is considered the longest trekking trail in the world. It crosses the Alps, the Apennines and also the two major Italian islands: Sardinia and Sicily. A wide-ranging trail that feeds the imagination of walkers and hikers, stimulating them to discover our country in a sustainable and slow-paced way. That’s why Ferrino is proud to support two unique initiatives that are committed to the discovery of Sentiero Italia CAI, promoting its historical, natural and cultural beauties, also divulging principles of environmental protection and respect, issues that are now increasingly important when exploring the high lands. We are particularly pleased to communicate Italy not only as a tourist destination linked to traditional tourism, aimed at the country's main cities and magnificent cities of art. We would like to promote, through these slow and sustainable tourism initiatives, the Italy less known, with its great wealth of traditional culture.

From June and throughout the summer we will keep you company by telling you about the many possibilities that Sentiero Italia CAI offers thanks to its stages and its naturalistic and landscape beauties. But we will also tell you how to easily reach the starting point of the trails, using only public transportation and how to go back home after a one, two or more days hikes discovering Italy.

Va’ Sentiero

The Va’ Sentiero project was born from the dream of 3 young guys united by the love for the mountains of their country, Italy. Va’ Sentiero is a social initiative based on the idea of ​​sharing, with the aim of enhancing the environmental, cultural and social heritage of the Italian highlands while promoting sustainable tourism.
The team, composed by 6 young walkers, has since 2019 been engaged in a real expedition on foot along Sentiero Italia CAI, a trail where everyone can join, pandemic permitting. Composed by a Guide & Project Manager, a Photographer & Communication Manager, a Logistics & Events Manager, a Videomaker, a Chef Philosopher and a Social Media Manager, the team carries out a real exploration and documentation of the trail by a multimedia communication. To date they have crossed 14 out of 20 Italian regions. Right now they are on the move with the aim of completing the expedition by October 2021.

Let's discover together, through our Instagram channel and on the website, the most beautiful stages of Sentiero Italia CAI thanks to a detailed technical description, accompanied by a map and gpx track, explanatory photos and logistic and cultural advices about the trail!

Linea 7000

"Linea 7000" was born from an idea of Gian Luca Gasca and it is a project that aims to show how our mountains and trails are easily accessible using public transportation. Promoted by the Club Alpino Italiano, "Linea 7000" focuses on the Sentiero Italia CAI, revealing how this long trail can be experienced as a great basin of opportunities for one, two or more days hikes to discover a part of our country using only buses and trains to move from one point to another. Gian Luca in his journey tells parts of the itinerary that develop within national and natural parks, unique places because of their environments and landscapes such as Etna, the highest volcano in Europe, Pollino, between Calabria and Basilicata, the ancient Casentinesi Forests, Abruzzo with its three national parks, Apuan Alps, Gran Paradiso, the first Italian national park, the wild Val Grande and the renowned Stelvio.

Let's find out together on the website how to reach, using only public transportation, the trails of the most important Italian national and natural parks to enjoy an adventure immersed into nature in a sustainable way!