Italian treks with Ferrino to the discovery of unique ecosystems: an immersion in landscape and environmental beauty, strongly connected with the culture of the area.

A project born from the desire to share and to tell the Italian identity that distinguish these places.


Greatest Italian Treks (#FerrinoGreatstTreks) is a Ferrino’s project based on the discovery of culture and Italian territory through trekking characterized by several days of length, with intact habitat, that are too little known but with outstanding landscapes and environmental characteristics.


Ferrino helps with useful information available on its blog and  social channels anyone who wants to undertake this adventure. News about the trekking (trails, points of interest, etc ..), description of the specific equipment needed, reports from those who have already traveled through those paths, pictures, stories and much more information with which it will be easier to start the path.

The Wolf Trekking (Trekking del Lupo) crosses two natural parks, has a development of 70 km and a duration of seven days. It’s about two intact ecosystems frequented by stable wolf packs - that are returned after many years of absence - and by chamois, ibex and lammergeiers as well.


The Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime is one of the largest protected areas of Italy, on its surface you can find towering peaks above 3000 meters of altitude and extend lakes, grasslands and small glaciers; the environmental variety is mirror of the wildlife and the botanical one. Moreover, after the twinning of 1987 with the adjacent French park of Mercantour and the creation of a protected area of 100,000 hectares on the Alps, the area gained in 1993 the European diploma for the Environment.

The Parco Naturale di Mercantour, at the south-eastern part of France, is spreaded between sea and mountains and have unique characteristics: to the variety of landscapes, plants and animals you can add an equally various network of roads, ancient salt routes, trails for the transhumance, mule tracks for hunting and military roads that extend harmoniously for hundreds of kilometers. 

Here's a little preview:

Greatest Italian Treks - The Wolf Trekking  


Greatest Italian Treks discovers, and make you discover, unexplored and little humanized territories in which man has the opportunity to regain its connection with nature.


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