Happiness Project

Happiness Project

Happiness Project


Happiness project: the world tour with Ferrino to discover the secret of happiness


What is the recipe for happiness? Giuseppe Bertuccio D’Angelo (29 years old, from Milan) has started a travel around the world with a very peculiar project to discover the secret of happiness. During a year he will go for all six continents with the aim of interviewing as many people as possible on the concept of happiness.


To all the interviewed he will ask 10 questions to understand how to get to the most desirable and less classifiable mood. A large number of people from different countries and social classes will take part to the project giving his interview. From Alaska to Pakistan, from Tanzania to Japan the same important questions will always be asked: "What is the smell of your best memory?" What is the most precious thing you have? ...".


"When I'll be back, processing all the answers it will be reached the universal formula of the happiness - explains the young man -, and I will write a book with some psychologists”.

(Giuseppe Bertucci D’Angelo)


What is happiness for Giuseppe?

"In this moment, in my opinion, it's the awareness of the things you have in everyday life, fact that for me it's hard to achieve: not every day I can think of everything that makes me lucky. Not for this we must settle: awareness is only the basis for seeking our own way with serenity".

(Giuseppe Bertucci D’Angelo)


Ferrino has always been very close to those who promote Responsible Tourism and it's just for this reason that in 2006 has started the T.RES (Responsible Tourism) project, created for promoting an ethic way of travelling, respectful of the territory and the habits who live there.


We are close to the people who decide to start and promote styles of Responsible Tourism and respect for population and their different cultures”.

(Anna Ferrino - FERRINO CEO)


And precisely on the basis of these important virtues Ferrino has decided to support Giuseppe and his special project based on the philosophy of Responsible Tourism in total respect both of the environment and of the local populations and culture.          

Many videos will be uploaded on the You Tube channel of the HAPPINESS PROJECT, not to be missed is the one dedicated to the equipment and the backpack.



All the updates on Instagram: @ProgettoHappiness