An important recognition for the Ferrino brand: the Desert Kat trail running backpack was rewarded with the "Honorable Mention" in the context of the awarding of the "Compasso d'Oro International 2017" competition, promoted by ADI – Associazione Italiana per il Disegno Industriale (Italian Association for Industrial Design).
The 2017 edition of the international award focused on the theme "Sport - Performance and Innovation" and a committee of experts, designers, critics and specialized journalists judged the Ferrino backpack worthy of the "Honorable Mention" for this category of products in competition , inserting it in the event’s catalog that since 1954 rewards the excellence of design products.
The news of this prestigious mention came to us in December last year - explains Anna Ferrino, CEO of the company - and honored us, filling us with energy to close 2017 at its best and start 2018 with the right spirit.
Appearing in the ADI catalog, together with the best design products for technological value and research, recognizes the work of the team that in the company deals with the development, design and prototyping of our products. A many year and constant effort in order to increase quality, improve the look and performance of our products, with smart solutions and continuous updates, operated by our collaborators with the support of our testers. This recognition fills us with pride and confirms that we are on the right path”.
The award-winning backpack, Desert Kat, is an avantgarde product equipped with some innovative concepts that make it perfect for use during self-sufficiency races and long distance trail running routes.
Developed internally by the Ferrino designers team, the backpack has been perfected and brought to excellence thanks to collaboration, field tests and feedback of Katia Figini and Dino Bonelli, two Italian trail runner experts.
What are the uniqueness of this backpack?
Desert Kat is a backpack designed for use on medium and long distance trails and features some innovative concepts that make it a state-of-the-art product.
The light weight and wear resistance are guaranteed at the highest level through the use of Cubictech Dyneema®, a material produced in the U.S. and used in the engineering industry.    
The shoulder straps are adjustable in length with a handy system and ensure an ideal fit for the needs of both men and women. The Compression system "F.C. System" (Fast Compression System) is the only one that allows, thanks to the handy lanyard Dyneemaaround the waist, to compress the backpack even when it is worn, with extreme agility and saving on time and effort, giving the product compactness, whatever the situation.               
In addition, the double inside compartment, ideal to separate the load, is very useful, especially on long trails when you need to run independently. An internal hinge provides the option of transforming the Desert Kat into a single unit. The backpack was born from the collaboration with Katia Figini and Dino Bonelli.