Live and shoot nature: Roberto Moyola (Clickalps) interview

Roberto Sysa Moiola, landscape photographer and director of Clickalps, has been collaborating with Ferrino for years. Today we’ve met him to see the photos taken in late summer, in a mountain suspended between a lockdown and another. He has given us some practical advice to follow if we want to venture into the mountains to capture the most beautiful views with our camera, in complete serenity facing any climatic condition.


The importance of planning.

Planning is an essential aspect when you are a landscape photographer. Even more if you frequent a hostile and unpredictable environment such as the mountains, the ones that you can only reach on foot.
I’ve been hanging around the Italian, Swiss and French Alps for years, always looking for new and evocative landscapes to capture. This is why I carefully plan each of my adventures. It is important to try to predict in advance whether a weather situation can become interesting: factors such as the direction of sunlight, the presence or absence of the moon and consequently of the stars and the Milky Way are essential.

Pack your backpack.

But in addition to the technical aspects and photographic tricks that I have collected over the years, I know that the choice of gear is also fundamental. When you decide to take photo it becomes strategic to get comfortable and not think about anything other than the shot itself. Concentration is key and that’s why we must not be disturbed by external factors such as cold, wind, rain.

For this reason, when I pack my backpack for a multi-day excursion, I cannot afford to forget anything but at the same time I know that saving weight is appreciable. In addition to the photographic gears (camera, lenses, filters, tripod and various accessories) I need to have enough clothing with me, various accessories (headlamp, thermal warmers), water and food (with stove and dishes), and my very faithful tent (with sleeping bag, mattress and inflatable pillow).

Over the years I have chosen and perfected all my gears with the utmost consideration, choosing technical and light but at the same time ergonomic and warm material.

The tent: shelter and photographic subject

Regarding the tent, this is perhaps one of the item that risks unbalancing the weight factor significantly. It is commonly used as a shelter, yet, personally I must say that I use it more as a subject to include in my photos, day and night. Being able to tell the human presence in a landscape becomes essential when you do a reportage in the mountains, for this reason both the shape and the color of the tent are important, as well as the position where to place it. Ultimately every detail is added to the success of a photograph.

Tent Set, the beauty of versatility.

For years Ferrino tents have accompanied my excursions and I must say that year after year I find myself facilitated both with the set up and the weight, not to mention the aesthetic aspect. But the thing that surprised me most and supported me in my choice was the possibility of self-building a tent according to my needs. It all started in 2020 with Tent Set, the new Ferrino way of creating your own customized tent directly online. After choosing the size and shape of the tent, you can customize the inner part. Then you can choose poles and stakes, based on the situations that you expect to meet in your different adventures. Finally, you can choose the outer fabric and the various accessories, then you’re ready to go and test the performance of your new Ferrino tent. A real blast!