Ferrino & Alban Michon together for the Basecamp Experience

Ferrino & Alban Michon together for the Basecamp Experience

A series of adventures starting December 31st

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Ferrino has chosen to join the Arctik North Adventure 2018 project by providing adequate equipment for these extreme weather conditions.

This collaboration was successful as Alban Michon was able to test and appreciate the qualities of strength and stability of the tent as well as the warmth and insulation of the Ferrino material.

It is therefore natural that the partnership extends to 2019. Alban has decided to give a glimpse of his life as an adventurer to audiences of all types, beginners, city dwellers, skeptics!

Alban Michon will take groups of people on unusual sites and will make them live an expedition from A to Z, in complete autonomy.

The Italian brand Ferrino will be at the side of these neo-adventurers with high-quality equipment:

  • PILIER 2 or CAMPO BASE tent (the first tested and approved in the Arctic by Alban!)
  • NIGHTEC 800 downlight (high temperature up to -31 °, compressibility)
  • Ultra-thin, self-inflating mattress
  • Thermos EXTREME, able to maintain during 16h a volume of liquid heated to 60 °

These adventurers of a few days will also be testers, to whom Ferrino will ask for a return to improve the products. Although often tested by specialists of extreme conditions, these essential products can still evolved on the advice of less experienced and therefore sometimes more demanding testers.

For more information and to know the camps proposed for this winter: https://basecamp-xperience.com

Who is Alban Michon?

Alban Michon is an explorer, specialist of the extreme, who is not cold to the eyes. In March 2018, during his last expedition to the Antarctic, he traveled 600kms in appalling conditions on the mythical "Passage du Nord Ouest" which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Ph. Credits: Copyright Alban Michon & Andy Parant