The Clean Approach - en

The Clean Approach - en

The Clean Approach - en

THE CLEAN APPROACH - Essere, Outdoor.
A documentary on the discovery of the deep relationship between man and nature through the sustainable outdoor practices.

Can a pair of ski or a splitboard help make us feel like part of the whole? And putting our hands on the rock, can we come to understand our position in the world?

The Clean Approach is a documentary about the rediscovery of the deep relationship between man and nature through the practice of sustainable outdoor activities.

While on the one hand, outdoor practices can be a means to increase the awareness of human beings regarding their own, effective, belonging to the natural world - bringing us to a biocentric view of the existence - on the other, if practiced without environmental awareness, they can represent an impact on the ecosystem.

The journey of three "clean" outdoor enthusiasts through the four seasons and through some protected natural areas, accompany a philosophical, anthropological and emotional reflection on the human belonging to the ecosystem and the concept of "limit" in its various forms.

An adventure to discover those places where man and nature meet without masks to know each other more deeply and recognize one in the other.

The Clean Approach - Essere, Outdoor. Official Trailer from Pillow Lab on Vimeo.

The Clean Approach is a documentary born from the writing of Luca Albrisi, who co-directed it with Alfredo Croce, and produced by Pillow Lab in collaboration with Associazione Humus.

The project was attended by professionals from the Italian outdoor sports community, experts in environmental issues, distinguished names in the field of anthropology and psychology as well as directors and presidents of Italian Natural Parks.

Overall, the documentary aims to create a bridge and a dialogue between the world of environmentalism and the world of sustainable outdoor activities in a perspective of awareness and environmental education.

The project, which also sees the creation of a traveling exhibition of photographic and textual canvases, has been realized thanks to the contribution of the Autonomous Province of Trento and private sponsors such as Ferrino, Casse Rurali Trentine, Val di Sole Tourism Company , Pejo 3000 Tourism Consortium and Elleerre.

The first screening of The Clean Approach, which will be available only on invitation, will take place on April 5 at the MUSE - Museum of Science in Trento.

Subsequently, the documentary will begin its tour at some of the major national and European film festivals to become public and freely available online at the end of 2018.

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