The Company from Turin proposes an innovative collection for garments 100% Italian style addressed to the “rock slaves”. Ferrino is always ready to accept new challenges and to study new products for all those who love the spirit of the outdoor. From this frame of mind it grew the need and the willingness to create a collection of garments totally committed to bouldering, together with the climber Marzio Nardi: pants, sweatshirts and accessories having an innovative design, versatile and appropriate for any type of climbing, as well as for everyday’s life style. Rock Slave, a project which matches the solid knowhow of a historical company such as Ferrino and the experience of this well known climber from Turin. 

“These products tell us of days lost in climbing, hours spent in going through a guide or looking at a video with sweating hands. They are just pants, jumpers and other small things that wish to tell the stories of a passion which takes up all of my soul and has been influencing my life for the last 25 years and makes me a well aware and happy slave”. Marzio Nardi