• First Aid Line LIGHT LED 23W-230V - 97154

      COD. PRODUCT: 97154

      LIGHT LED 23W-230V

      Lamp in hardwearing polycarbonate, resistant to shock and atmospheric agents. Heat- and shock-resistant transparent sleeve in special polycarbonate to reduce glare and use the lamp even from close up, with even light diffusion over 180°. Complete with 2 fastening hooks • Electronic power supply. Input voltage of 220-240 V, output 24 V DC, short circuit and overload protection, active rephasing. • 112 LED with natural white tone, 4000°K, CRI80, 23W total, 2800 lumen (120lm/W). • Duration 45,000 (L70) hours of life – Operating temperature from -20° to + 40°C • Heat dissipation system with shaped structure in aluminium, 3 mm thick. • Double electrical insulation suitable for use in heavy-duty conditions. Also usable on flammable surfaces since it reaches only a limited temperature after prolonged use. • EEC 230V 16A 2P+E IP67 plug. Neoprene rubber cable H07RN-F sect. 3x1.5 sq mm Length 2 m • EEC 230V 16A 2P+E IP67 plug. Neoprene rubber cable H07RN-F sez. 3x1.5 sq mm Length 2 m.
      • light led 23w-230v

      Tech data:

      DIMENSIONS (cm)
        • TREKKING
        • CAMPING
        • TRAVEL
        • EXPEDITION