• Tents TENT MONTANA PLUS FR M. 6x7,5 - 97016V
  • Tents TENT MONTANA PLUS FR M. 6x7,5 - 97016V
  • Tents TENT MONTANA PLUS FR M. 6x7,5 - 97016V
  • Tents TENT MONTANA PLUS FR M. 6x7,5 - 97016V
  • Tents TENT MONTANA PLUS FR M. 6x7,5 - 97016V

      COD. PRODUCT: 97016V


      Range of flame-retardant, modular tents (19-29-39-45 m2) supported by a sturdy independently stable frame with cross pieces along the base perimeter which allow the tent to be fixed to the ground without the use of pegs: it can even be put up on cement ground. Inner tents of different sizes are available to complete these tents and to radically improve the living area and heat insulation in both summer and winter conditions. Blue waterproof fly-sheet in cotton/modacrylic flame-retardant fabric (CAT. I).The two vertical ends have doors that are protected by a vestibule which allows other tents to be joined on using link modules.The sides are sloping with large windows that are equipped with mosquito nets and screens complete with transparent window cover.The Montana PLUS model has two side entrances to join two tents together along the side.The snow flap is in PVC-coated, flame-retardant polyester fabric.The storm guy-lines are in rope and complete with pegs.Two sleeves in the entrance sides for the passage of wiring and heating pipes.Internal ventilation adjustment thanks to the raisable snow flap and to the protected air intake under the entrance porch.Available for all sizes: inner tent complete with floor; shade; link module; heating and conditioning systems; lighting system and flooring, as described on the following pages.

      • tent montana plus fr m. 6x7,5


      SHADE FR FOR MONTANA TENTS Shade to protect the structure underneath from the sun’s radiation, signifi cantly lowering the temperature inside. Made in fl ame-retardant, polyester fi bre, mesh fabric, supported by infl ating elements in fl ame-retardant PVC and secured to the ground with sturdy guy-lines.

      Tech data:

      WEIGHT (Kg/g) 255 Kg
      DIMENSIONS (cm)
      6.0x7.5 m
        • TREKKING
        • CAMPING
        • TRAVEL
        • EXPEDITION