Andrea Lanfri - en

Andrea Lanfri - en

Category: Alpinist
Date of birth: 26/11/1986
Nickname: Andrea
Country: Italy
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Previously a paralympic athlete on the Italian athletics team, today a mountaineer and explorer. In 2015, at the age of 29, he contracted meningitis with meningococcal sepsis, and after a month of being in a coma, he lost both his legs and seven fingers. Thanks to his sheer willpower and his passion for sport, he went back to his previous life in the space of one year, starting out as a Paralympic athlete and beginning to run on a pair of carbon fibre prosthetic limbs, that had been purchased thanks to a collection of funds. The first Italian lower-limb double-amputee athlete to get below 12 seconds in the 100 metres, winning three Italian records, two bronze medals, and a silver at the Europeans, and a silver at the world championships in 2017. The same years, he went back to climbing and bouldering, sports he enjoyed before his illness. In 2018 he began to train on higher mountains, up to 5000 metres. He was the first multi-amputee to reach the 8849 metres of Mount Everest. The holder of several records, such as the fastest mile run at altitude, and which is a Guinness World Record. The creator of the “from 0to0” project, a unique sports event in the world, never undertaken by a paralympic athlete: bike, mountains and running; starting and returning to sea level after climbing a mountain, non stop. A story of enormous courage and determination, rewarded by achieving sporting goals that seemed like they were impossible. An athlete who is a symbol of life and a whole national sports movement.

His dream? To climb all the highest peaks on the 7 continents, a goal that he has been in training for for years.



2016 – Bronze Medal for the 4x400 relay at the European Para Athletics.

2017 – Silver Medal  for the 4x400 relay at the World Para Athletics.

2018 – Bronze Medal for the 200 metre race at the European Para Athletics and Silver Medal for the 4x100 relay.

He has won 9 Italian titles during his competitive career.

He also holds Italian records for all sprinting distances: 100 m (11"46), 200 m (22"51), 400 m (52"02).

2018 – he climbed Cima Grande in Lavaredo on the Spigolo Dibona route.

2019 – the Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador (6268 m) and the peak of Puntha Hiunchili in Nepal (7246 m).

2021 - During the “From 0to0” project, he started out from Genoa, and climbed Monte Rosa ( Punta Gniffetti 4554 m) in 18 hours and 7 minutes non stop. Combining: bike and running.

2020 – Monte Bianco, Cervino, Marmolada, Gran Paradiso, Monviso

2022 - Mount Everest (8849 m) - Lobuche Est (6190 m) - Kilimanjaro (5895 m) - Mount Kenya (5199 m)

2023 – Mount Aconcagua (6961 m)