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Elisabetta Dall'Ò

Elisabetta Dall'Ò

Category: Running
Date of birth: 29 June 1981
Nickname: Betta
Country: Italy

She is passionate about all mountain sports, but running shoes are what really makes her heart beat faster.

Elisabetta, lecturer in anthropology and climate change at the University of Turin has been living the mountains since she was small. With a father from the Dolomites and a mother from Valle d’Aosta, she could only grow up with a passion for trails, glaciers and peaks.

At university, she became involved in sports, taking part in various mountain running races. “I never had any expectations, other than achieving my own personal goals”, she explains. “After a good few years away from competing, I decided to enter the TOR30 out of a sense of adventure and also to try to launch message about climate change”. 

Elisabetta’s research involves understanding the effects of climate change on mountain populations. For her, taking part in the Tor means looking at the places to which she dedicates her life and her work through different eyes.

“It means travelling through a history that has brought together different generations, valleys, and languages. It means observing the fragile beauty of the alpine glaciers, such as Mont Bianco, which are now increasingly at risk from and conditioned by human activity. For me, running is a way to celebrate the beauty of these areas”.

But it is also an opportunity to put oneself to the test and to see how far it is possible to go, relying on one’s own strength. It’s no coincidence that her motto is “Per aspera ad astra” – through hardships to the stars –. Is there a better phrase for those who dream of the Tor des Géants? “It would be a dream come true”.