Campi Base Ferrino 2020 - en

Ferrino Base Camps represent a unique opportunity for lovers of mountains and outdoor life. On the one hand, they offer the chance to live an authentic alpine outdoor experience, spending a night in a high altitude tent. On the other hand, they are an opportunity to test products, supporting the company in developing them. This desire to relate producer and consumer gave birth, in 1994, to the first HighLab camp at the Quintino Sella al Felik refuge (3585 m). A double exchange: first of all an experience to live, secondly the collection of data and important info to continue improving ourselves by representing a trusted partner for mountaineers, hikers and outdoor lovers. The result was a range of products that meets the highest functional and quality standards, guaranteeing high performance in any climatic condition.


Where are the Ferrino Base Camps located?

From mountain refuges to experiential camps, Ferrino base camps are located along the entire Alpine chain. Each location offers different opportunities, just as the environment is different. Let's find them out together.


Quintino Sella al Felik refuge (3585 m, Monte Rosa)

Historic base camp, where for over twenty years it has been possible to test Ferrino HighLab products, designed to guarantee high performance in extreme climatic conditions. This summer at the Sella refuge you can test the tents from the Pilier and Snowbound series, the self-inflating mattresses and the Blitz headlamp.


Toesca refuge (1710 m, Susa Valley)

The Toesca refuge is a summer and winter camp with easy access, thanks to the comfortable and pleasant trails across the woods. There are many tents that can be tried, including the Force, Pilier, Nemesi and Svalbard models. It is also possible to test the backpacks from the Dry-hike and Finisterre lines together with poles and rackets to live an all-round mountain experience.


Celso Gilberti refuge (1850 m, Canin Chain)

Easily reachable by cable car from Sella Nevea, or on foot in a bit more than two hours, the Celso Gilberti refuge offers the opportunity to discover a magical corner of the Dolomites. Doing it while sleeping in a Ferrino tent could make it even more exciting. “It is an initiative that is highly appreciated” said the refuge owners. “It offers the opportunity to experience the mountain in a different way and is an incentive to make it known”. Here you can try the Skyline, Svalbard, Manaslu and Lhotse tents.


Dolomiti Wild Camp

A completely different experience, but with the same aim, the one offered by the ASD Cadore Avventura association through the Dolomiti Wild Camp. “These are experiences created for living the outdoors in all its aspects”. From activities with local guides, orientation games, climbing, mountain biking, naturalistic excursions and real nights under the stars thanks to self-inflating mattresses and the Nemesis 2 tents. “A highly sought after proposal by people, especially by children who never had the opportunity to experience a night in a tent”.