Ferrino e Fendi collaboration - en
Offering a new perspective of the outdoor world: it is starting from this statement that Ferrino has decided to accept Fendi's challenge to reinterpret the iconic Trivor 2 tent and the legendary Dry Up 22 backpack. A unique collaboration, created to offer the opportunity to introduce the outdoor lifestyle to those who have not yet had the opportunity to experience this extraordinary reality. Starting from an unprecedented and visionary point of view, the two prestigious brands, emblem of Made in Italy, have combined their creative ideas, their renowned quality and expertise, creating two masterpieces of style and functionality. 

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Fendi, in fact, among some important collaborations, for its new Capsule Collection has chosen Ferrino’s Trivor 2 tent and Dry Up 22 backpack, which will be able to “trave” in the most prestigious international boutiques. The quintessential interpreter of this exceptional project has been Sarah Coleman, a multidisciplinary visual artist from New York City, who reinterprets design materials by applying them to everyday objects, infusing them with a sensation of luxury and an irony touch. According to the artist, we all deserve a second chance: it is from this philosophy that her inspirations are born, which border on art, fashion and design.

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Silvia Venturini Fendi

There is a sense of fun in everything we do since the beginning. If you think that, for example, the double F stands for fun fur, you can see how this is applied in accessories, through our charms, but also in menswear collections, where you unexpectedly find materials put together. I aim at something that gives a new attitude, but always being very pragmatic, because for me functionality is very important. I love finding new solutions to things that may seem impossible, because nothing is impossible, it’s just a case of exploring until we can make it happen. 


Anna Ferrino

I have always looked with great attention to how Fendi selects brands and approaches collaborations. When they turned to us, recognizing the value of our brand and our know-how regarding backpacks and tents, it gave me immense pleasure. A fruitful collaboration was immediately established between the teams of the two companies, facilitated by a common DNA, two Italian brands that work in their fields with greta seriousness, passion and expertise.

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