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"Greatest Italian Treks" by Ferrino (#FerrinoGreatestTreks), the project that focus on some of the most evocative and - at the same time - less known trekking in Italy, is back!

An immersion in landscape and environmental beauties, strongly connected with the local culture. A project born by the desire to share and tell the Italian identity that distinguish these places and the Ferrino brand.


Ferrino’s blog and social channels are and will be precious information sources on tracks, stages and equipment needed to venture along these exciting routes.

Tips, curiosities, stories and images are easily available on the web thanks to the hashtag #FerrinoGreatestTreks.


In 2016 we introduced the Selvaggio Blu" trek in Sardinia and in 2017 we were in Piedmont, in the Natural Park of Alpi Marittime, for the beautiful and unique “Trekking del Lupo” (Wolf Trekking).

The project has grown and continues to guide exploration’ enthusiasts to discover the most fascinating Italian treks.


Summer 2018 is characterized by the 4 elements and by their intense presence on the Aeolian Islands' trails between sea, active volcanoes, cliffs and a surprising vegetation.

These islands represent a geological and naturalistic memory with only few equal in the world. A place where the 4 elements meet and collide daily giving rise to a tangle of primal emotions. Sea, wind, volcanoes and rocks of all kinds coexist in a hug that can create unique landscapes all different from each others.

The unique peculiarity of a trekking on the Aeolian islands is the possibility to customize the various stretches of trails presents on the islands, varying them in length and altitude as your prefer.

To gather detailed information on the particularities, the trails and the equipment needed to explore the various Aeolian Islands, visit the Ferrino’s blog and social channels.              


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Photos: Pillow Lab