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“Maybe following the snowleopardd”, a brief documentary conceived and produced by Pillow Lab in collaboration with Ferrino and Cébé, which tells the story of the Piedmontese mountaineer Carlalberto ‘Cala’ Cimenti and his experience in the wild territory of the ex-Soviet Union.

During the last year the documentary Maybe following the Snowleopard was screened in some of the most renowned Mountain Film Festival including Adventure Award Days of Arco, Milano Montagna FestivalOutdoor Adventure Fest in San Candido and Bansko Film Festival in Bulgaria .

MAYBE following the snowleopard

Cala at BANFF Mountain Film Festival World Tour ITALY – Torino, February 13, 2017 – Ph M. Bagnasacco


After so many kilometres and events during which Cala himself shared his adventures, now is time to make the documentary available to everyone:




MAYBE – Inseguendo lo Snowleopard from Pillow Lab on Vimeo.


The story

Carlalberto ‘Cala’ Cimenti is a mountaineer and traveller who, exhausted by his Himalayan endeavours, decided to conquer new horizons in pursuit of the Snowleopard prize, awarded to those who reach the summit of all five mountains above 7,000 m in the ex-Soviet Union.

Driving this project is an immense desire to climb and ski, but above all to share the experience with unknown cultures and create new friendships, sealed at high altitude.

Two years and four summits since his first journey, Cala finds himself on the eve of his expedition to Communism Peak, where he may well become the first Italian winner of the Snowleopard prize.



Pillow Lab wanted to photograph the eve of Cala’s departure for his last expedition dedicated to this project, in an effort to analyse years of hard work, adventures and friendships made along the way.

What emerges is “human” mountaineering, away from the spotlight, made of adventure and sacrifice, with Cala as the protagonist but also the “cameraman” – all the images of the expedition were in fact shot by himself.




The Mountaineering Result

On 19th August at 11.17am, Carlalberto ‘Cala’ Cimenti successfully reached the summit of Communism Peak, becoming the first Italian in history to receive the honourable Snowleopard prize and the first in the world to descend the mountain on a pair of skis.


maybe inseguendo lo snowleopard