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A new Alta Via into the wildest hearth of Dolomites

A new Alta Via into the wildest hearth of Dolomites

A new Alta Via into the wildest hearth of Dolomites

A new Alta Via into the wildest hearth of Dolomites

We’re in Belluno’s area into the National Park of the Belluno’s Dolomites, one of the last Dolomites corner of wilderness, remained in this condition thanks to its impervious and unreachable valley which hide authentic natural treasures.

The Belluno’s Dolomites Alta Via it’s a new path created and it can be walked in around 7 days. It’s possible to plan legs and stop-overs only only considering these aspects: enormous difference in high, big distances, magnificent landscapes and paths far from the mass tourism. A rediscovery of a mountain which has remained unchanged for many years and where the nature is taking back places left by man.

The path starts from Forno di Zoldo and through a long trip it arrives at Feltre.

It concerns about an unexpected view of Dolomites for who know their “glazed” version. Alpine refuges, where the ambient and the human contact mean more than many comfort or technology. Places specially appreciated by those who desire to live an authentic experience of trekking into the wild nature, even if still close to the more crowded Dolomites. Surely you will bond with the people you’ll meet, you’ll walk side by side to herds of chamois, deer and mouflons. You’ll have the chance to admire more than 1700 botanical species, with some world rarity.

The Alta Via of Belluno’s Dolomites is born to promote an eco-friendly hiking whcich help to have a conscious approach toward the environment.

The project is developed in collaboration with the National Park of Belluno’s Dolomites and with the sections of CAI of Agordo, Belluno, Longarone, Oderzo, Val di Zoldo and Feltre.

Ferrino, always been a “slow” tourism promoter and committed for an enhanced and protected mountain, will provide some bivouac kit (tent, mat and sleeping bag) furnishing a direct support at those refuges that could may have some problem in hosting a big number of excursionist in their places.

Waiting for the 2019 season the website will be kept up-to-date:

We wait for you into the wild heart of the Dolomites.