Being, Outdoor

Can a pair of touring skis and a splitboard help to make us feel a part of everything around us?
And can we discover our place in the world just by placing our hands on a rock?

the documentary will be available on this page from May 28th at 9pm 

The Clean Approach - Essere, Outdoor. | ENG SUB from Luca Albrisi | inDEEPendent O.N. on Vimeo.

The Project The Clean Approach has been one of the first documentaries to explore the relationship between human beings and nature through the sustainable outdoor practices. With the aim of creating a connection between the outdoor world and environmental activism, the documentary proposes a reading of sustainable outdoor practices as a mean of reconnection to the natural world and to a biocentric vision of the existence.

The project tells the story of three "clean" outdoor enthusiasts through the four seasons in some protected natural areas, with the support of professional people, experts in environmental issues, famous names in the field of anthropology and psychology and directors and presidents of Italian natural parks.

The Documentary and the photographic exhibition

The Clean Approach debuted at Muse Science Museum on April 2018 and then it started its tour. Since then, we can count more than 35 screenings, 22 film festival selections, more than 3000 spectators, 200 days of preparation of the relative photo exhibition and 3 universities that have used the documentary for their philosophy and anthropology courses.

The philosophy: “being, outdoor”

The Clean Approach focuses on a philosophic-anthropologic reflection about the human belonging to the ecosystem and to the concept of “limit” in its different meanings.

If on one hand the outdoor practices can be a tool to increase the awareness of human beings about their real and effective belonging to the natural world - leading to a biocentric vision of the existence, on the other hand, the outdoor activities, if practiced without awareness, can become a danger for the ecosystem.