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Alban Michon

Alban Michon

Category: Land Explorer
Date of Birth: 17/09/1977
Country: France

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French explorer and adventurer, Alban Michon is passionate about polar regions and diving, as well as taking part in exceptional expeditions. In 2010, he dived at the geographical North Pole. In 2012, he travelled for 1000 km in a sea kayak along the coast of Greenland, diving under the icebergs.

Alban Michon has always had a thirst for adventure. He discovered diving at the age of 11, and at 22, he bought a scuba diving school in Tignes (Savoie, France) as well as the underground diving centre, Vasques du Quercy (Lot, France).
Alban fast become the reference for ice and underground diving, attracting professionals and amateurs as students on these unusual dives.

In 2010, his passion for adventure and polar regions took Alban Michon to the Polo Nord for "Deepsea Under the Pole", a 45-day expedition during which he made several dives under the ice in some of the most inhospitable places on the planet.

Two years after, he went on a sea kayak journey together with his friend Vincent Berthet, for a two-month independent adventure along Greenland’s east coast.
The documentary film based on this experience, “The White Trap”, shown for the first time in 2013, was a great success with hundreds of thousands of spectators, and it made Alban known to the general public.

Human contact is fundamental for Alban Michon’s professional approach. Through his activities as teacher and guide for Abyssworld in Siberia and in the Antarctic, Alban shares his experience, spreads his resolutely positive philosophy and an energy that’s enough to move mountains.


"We have no love of pointless risk, no inclination for heroic sufference, but we do try to challenge nature. What makes it so appealing?"
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