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Category: Mountain Explorer
Date of birth: 25/05/1992
Nickname: Stefi
Country: Andorra
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Estefania was born in mountains: Andorra is a little mountain paradise, so she has always been surrounded by nature. Her father was a ski instructor, so Estefania has been racing on ski and when she grew up she became a ski instructor too, Telemark instructor, and Mid-Mountain guide. 

She has been working as a ski coach in a ski club in winter times since she was 18, and being up the slopes every day woke up her desire to want more, to try to go higher and more technical. That's why she is trying to travel and climb as much as she can in summer time.

She started climbing 4,000 m peaks and then she progressed. Lately she has reached the 6,000 highest and finally, in 2019 the Nanga Parbat and Manaslu. In the long term, She has the project to climb all the 14 8,000-meter peaks in the world.

The fact of putting red lipstick on the top of the mountains makes Stefi famous on the web. 

As Stefi says, the habit started because she is a very nervous girl "...and I always pulled the skins from my lips". That's why she started to paint them red, to avoid it and cover her wounds.

"Over time, I saw that it also covered my lips of the sun, so I continued doing it. It has ended up being a part of me. Now, it’s also a way to express what I feel… A way to say to the world “Hey, I’m here! Climbing but not losing my feminity”. There are a lot of prejudices in the world we live… And when people see me, wearing colorful clothes and red lipstick, they KNOW I’m not even going to leave Base Camps. It’s my way to show women power!"